What Is Bunion?

A bunion is a disfiguration that usually occurs at the bottom area of the big toe leading to inflammation, pain, discomfort in walking and swelling. The major causes of a bunion formation are ill fitted footwear, injuries and sometimes the cause may also be genetic. Sometimes, a bunion is also an underlying symptom of rheumatism or arthritis. In extreme cases the doctors may recommend a surgery, however, you can try some natural ways to treat bunions first like using herbal remedies or ayurvedic medicine.

Natural Ways To Treat Bunions:

  • Change Your Footwear

If you have a bunion then your first step of natural ways to treat bunions is changing your footwear into something extremely comfortable. There are many footwears available in the market that are manufactured to control and manage problems like bunions. Also, you can heal a bunion by using a herbal cure.

  • Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile herbal tea has been known to be one of the natural ways to treat bunions because it is known to have properties that may help in shrinking a bunion. Chamomile herb is rich in effective anti inflammatory properties. Chamomile herbal teas are helpful natural ways to treat bunions by both internal as well as external use. You can have upto four cups of chamomile herbal tea to help reduce inflammation. Instead of throwing away the used chamomile herbal tea bags, place them directly over the bunions and make sure it is not hot. Also, you can take some dried chamomile, crush it and mix it with water to make a paste and apply it over the bunion. You can also apply creams or ointments that have chamomile herbal extracts in it as natural ways to treat bunions.

  • Calendula

Similar to chamomile, calendula also has anto inflammatory properties that makes it one of the effective natural ways to treat bunions. Calendula is a popular ingredient in many ointments and creams and is widely available in general stores. You can use such creams two to three times in a day till the bunion is completely healed. Sometimes, herbal remedy takes longer to heal the problem, if it has been weeks and you still do not see any change in the size of bunion then try any other natural ways to treat bunions.

  • Spices

Applying natural food products like red pepper or turmeric are helpful natural ways to treat bunions. Both these spices have properties that help in reducing inflammation and pain. Use an ointment that has capsaicin in it which is the main ingredient in peppers. Turmeric is a helpful spice which is used as one of the natural ways to treat bunions and other health problems. Turmeric can be orally used to heal bunion in the form of curcumin capsules which contains active ingredients present in turmeric. Also, you can add more turmeric powder in your everyday food to reduce inflammation. You can even apply grated turmeric or even a paste made from turmeric and water on the bunion directly for quick healing.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the oldest alternative healing techniques and one of the natural ways to treat bunions. Acupuncture is a popular Chinese treatment that has been used to treat almost all health problems for over centuries. Acupuncture works by stimulating the nerves by using very thin needles. To treat bunion, an acupuncture expert will stimulate the points that will ease the pain as well as reduce the bunion growth.

  • Ice pack

Whenever you feel pain or discomfort over and around the bunion apply an ice pack directly over it. It will help in reducing the pain and reduce the swelling.

  • Vitamin C

Have more foods that are rich in Vitamin C as that helps in reducing inflammation.



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