The 7 Ways to Excel at Gift Giving

gift giving

Receiving a gift is something that most of us appreciate. And for good reason, it means that someone was thinking about us enough to put thought into giving us something that we would like. On the other hand, giving a gift can also become a gift in itself. The joy on someone’s face when they receive something that you give them you is always a treat.

But, giving the right gift is what brings the greatest joy. That doesn’t mean giving the biggest gift is the best idea. Sometimes, the smallest gift can have the power to brighten someone else’s life. Here are 7 tips for giving a great gift this holiday season:

1. Listen

Finding a great gift for someone can be easy if you just take the time to listen. If you do, you will find that those around you talk about the things they like and appreciate all of the time. Keep those ears open. 

2. Pay attention to what is happening in their life

What is happening in the life of the person receiving the gift? Perhaps they have a baby on the way, maybe they got married, recently graduated or even quit their job. All of these life experiences can inform you on what gift to give that special someone.

3. Consider their spirituality

Considering someone’s spiritual life can help you conjure up even more gift ideas. Whether they are yogi, highly philosophical, or just a religious person, their spiritual life can give you some fitting gift ideas.

4. Consider what that person means to you

When you ponder on what this person means to you – you will automatically come up with gift ideas that will blow them away. Meaning is something you can convey with a great gift and if you have meaning in mind when you make your purchase, they will know exactly what they mean to you.

5. Reconsider what you think a gift is

Most people think of a gift as a tangible item, but it doesn’t have to be. A gift can be an experience. Whether that be a trip, tickets to an event or even buying someone their own star! All, are great gifts, especially for the less materialistic people in your life and for those who appreciate unique things. Whatever the case, think outside of the box!

6. Find out what possessions they already have and love

When you take this approach, finding a gift can be pretty easy. Maybe there’s something you can get that goes along with, or compliments something they already have and love. You may even be able to replace something old that they have with a newer, updated version.

7. Get something personalized

Let’s face it, we all love a little personalization. Gifts that you can personalize is a great way to add meaning to an otherwise mundane gift.

Of course, there are many gifts you can give to the people you love. But a gift without meaning or purpose is not a great gift. Look to these tips the next time you need to make a gift purchase for that special someone.

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