Editorial Guidelines

At BeWellBuzz, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, and transparency in the content we provide. Our Editorial Guidelines serve as a roadmap for ensuring that we deliver trustworthy and reliable information to our valued readers.

Education is at the heart of everything we do.

For this purpose, we are committed to giving our readers high-quality, original and sometimes challenging content.

At the same time, we aim to give them content written to the highest editorial and ethical standards.

Their trust depends on it.

Therefore, we balance our assumed freedom of expression with our responsibility to, for example, respect privacy, be fair, avoid unjustifiable offense, and protect our audience from harm.

We also seek to uphold the BeWellBuzz editorial values in everything we produce. These values embody our freedom and responsibilities and apply to all our content.

What follows are challenging but essential standards we set for ourselves, and hallmarks of everything we produce.


Trust is the foundation of BeWellBuzz and the launching pad of all the work we do.

For this reason, we cherish our independence as we strive to remain impartial, and produce only the most honest content of high quality.

As Nepalese writer, Santosh Kalwar said: “Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”

Accuracy and Truth

We seek to establish the truth in all subject matter and are committed to representing this with impeccable accuracy.

Our material is well sourced, and our content is based on sound evidence. Yet, we also remain open to the new with questioning minds.

We rigorously avoid any nod to ‘alternative facts’, presenting impartial information in language that seeks to clarify, not obfuscate.


Impartiality is a core value at BeWellBuzz. This we seek to employ with fair treatment of all our subject matter, while also reflecting the diversity and the ever-changing nature of news.

Simultaneously, we remain questioning in our dealings with all evidence, taking nothing for granted.

Fairness and Transparency

Everything we do is based on fairness, transparency, honesty and straight dealing. We share all sources on which content is based, painstakingly scrutinizing all material to ensure correct representation of facts.

All contributors and audiences are treated equally and with the utmost respect for their personal sovereignty.

Integrity and Independence

Hand-in-hand with all the aforementioned, BeWellBuzz places the highest value on editorial integrity and independence. We take care to steer clear of outside interests and organizations that could undermine these.

We believe that our readers should always feel confident in material untainted by political or commercial pressures, or any biased, personal interests. Our aim is to serve the collective for the highest good.

Serving The Public

Our aim is to serve our specific audience, and everyone else, with material of significance and import.

Towards this end, we work to stay well-informed, drawing on a variety of expert sources and authorities, while also remaining analytical.

To the best of our ability, BeWellBuzz work to empower the public with easily-accessible knowledge and updated information.


We respect the privacy of our readers at all times, and will never misuse or divulge private details.

Offense and Harm

Especially due to the still controversial nature of our content, we remain sensitive to generally accepted standards, as well as our readers’ expectations. Their safety and best interest remain at the forefront at all times, and in everything, we do at BeWellBuzz.


Today’s children are tomorrow’s world. For this reason, we always safeguard their welfare in all we produce, focusing on the kind of legacy we wish to leave them with.


BeWellBuzz remains accountable to our audiences and deals openly and fairly with them. We learn from mistakes and take responsibility for any errors.

If you have any questions about our editorial standards, do not hesitate to reach out to us.