Is Your Definition of Success Making You Miserable?

If you want more happiness, joy, abundance and success in your life then you might want to look at your definition of success and change it.

You can feel successful in many ways. Why not choose the one that works for you rather than against you?

It is my view that you must first be able to feel successful on the inside, and then success will flow out of you and create a world of your choosing on the outside. If you want to be wealthy, feel like you are already financially free, and abundance will show up all around you.

When you find you have money problems, don’t focus on the problems, focus on the solutions.

Mother Teresa once was heard saying, when asked to join an anti-war campaign, “I do not wish to participate in any type of anti-war environment, but let me know when there will be a pro-peace rally, and I will be there in a moment’s notice.”

Mother Teresa knew if she engaged in an anti-war program, people’s focus and mindset would be on anti “war” thoughts and activities, but in a pro-peace movement, the focus would on “peace”.

Change your thoughts, and you change your words.

Change your words, and you change the way you feel.

Change the way you feel, and you change your beliefs.

Change your beliefs, and you change your actions.

Change your actions, and you change your results and your life, as well as other people’s lives.

Change the way you look at success so you cannot lose. Set yourself up so you cannot possibly fail and be guaranteed to be a winner.

Change your definition of success and state in the affirmative, “From now on, I will feel successful whenever I am moving closer to my passions in life.” or, “From now on, I will feel successful whenever I am giving valuable service to others and in turn receiving valuable compensation to match that service.”

If you are wise enough, you will turn your passions into a highly valuable service that will meet people’s needs.

The more valuable the service, the more financially free you will become.

The bonus is if you follow what you are passionate about, you never will feel the need to find motivation to sustain your inertia, to complete the task, to see it through to the end and enjoy the results over time. It will be in your passion. You will not be able to stop yourself.

It is not when you can buy expensive cars and houses, demand a very high income, or travel first class; it’s when you are living a passionate life and following the path the universe has chosen for you.

And how do you know which road that is?

When you feel good in whatever you are doing. When you feel happy with the results you are getting.

I have heard many people say that for many years, they had to do things they did not want to do to acquire the possessions they thought they needed to experience happiness.

They only found out that they still felt empty inside, something still was missing, or they had an attitude of, “What was it all for?”

Listen to this wise quotation: “Failure I can deal with, regret, never.”

It is my belief that if you are constantly feeling like a failure and you don’t change your definition of success, you will sacrifice your dreams. And that would be sad, don’t you think?

How many times have you heard of the rich and famous doing some ridiculous behavior and said to yourself, “How could they do that? They have everything, fame and fortune.”

Now you know a possible reason why. They really are not passionate about their craft; they are only interested in the fame and fortune part.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you decided you will feel successful in life when you stand tall and give away a smile and you take back nothing?

Try it. I did.

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