Prescription for Your Holiday Breakthrough

Do you really want to live another year with the same old toxic habits?

With the holiday season upon us, there is no better time to get a jump on overcoming old habits that are damaging your body, such as smoking, overeating, etc.

You may have tried everything under the sun, but I’m here to tell you the answers are not out there. They are in there. Your toxic habits, the ones that are killing you slowly, weighing you down and destroying your body and life, are driven by feelings way down deep inside you, below the level of your awareness. That means you aren’t overeating for the reasons you think you are. You are driven to smoke, eat or overspend as a way for your body to squelch sensations happening within your body. These behaviors are there so you never even know those feelings are there. The payoff: avoidance and comfort. The price: health, fitness, love, success and wealth.

I’ve created a practice for you to release old energies in your body that are driving these old behaviors, so you can choose what is best for you, enjoy your holiday season, and have an all-new experience in 2014. This practice allows you to stay healthy and avoid colds, be emotionally balanced so you enjoy family and friends, have mental clarity so you can prosper and succeed, and feel spiritually connected so you have joy and appreciation to share throughout the holiday season!

Here’s the key: the more you are connected with your body and feeling what’s going on in there, the less you will have cravings to smoke, overeat, yell at your kids, or do whatever behavior is causing damage to your body and life.

Here’s a technique to do this:

Close your eyes, become aware of your body, and feel the sensations in it.
Focus your awareness within.

Then just breathe deeply to fill the air all the way down to your abdomen. Do the best you can to relax your abdomen and let it balloon out while you inhale. Do about 10 deep breaths.

Now, tune into the craving for cigarettes, food, or other behaviors, or the ideas about these things, and feel where that lives in your body. What does your body have to say about this? Is there something it needs? A feeling that is ready to be experienced? A message your body has for you? Maybe your body is angry, sad, lonely. Maybe there is grief or a sense of sadness for a loss. Who knows? but whatever comes up, just be willing to see that, and keep breathing. It’s just information.

This process shifts the energy in your body. You are learning to listen to yourself on a deeper level.
When you do this, your body won’t have that stuck energy inside anymore. It is that old stuck energy that feels (unconsciously) uncomfortable and drives you to the smoking or other behaviors.
Be willing to bring some of this to your conscious awareness, and feel it.

Do this practice every morning for at least 10 minutes, and do it twice during the day for just 10 breaths, tuning into the sensations in your body and listening with a sense of love. Set your alarm to go off as a reminder twice during the day for this “check in” to your body.

Then, anytime you feel the urge to smoke, eat, or practice a harmful habit, check in and feel your body and breathe. (You practice in the morning, and the two sessions during the day so you are prepared to really feel what’s coming up when you have the urge to smoke or practice other bad habits.) Take 10 deep breaths with this mindfulness. Then, smoke or don’t smoke. Just do the practice, move the energy, and see how you feel.

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