6 Months of Hell and How I Discovered The Top 10 Techniques to Reduce Stress and Alleviate The Harmful Effects of Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) Disorder

Life always seems to conspire in your favor, to help you become a better version of yourself… But, sometimes it sucks to go through 😉

Over a year ago I made a ‘crazy’ decision to change everything, go after my dreams of living life aboard and move to Bali, Indonesia. I moved there to live bravely and give myself every bit of ‘the good life,’ but life, Bali, had other plans for me.

Within about a month after moving there, I got into a motorcycle accident. On a small road and a tight corner I lost control and slammed into an oncoming van. I imploded it’s front end and put my head through its windshield all while not wearing a helmet (stupid I know). I laid on the street for about 10 minutes unconscious as my friends rushed to find some way to get me to the hospital. In the end the family of the van I hit, along with my friend loaded me into the van and delivered me to a nearby clinic. I broke bones in my face, several stitches in various spot on my body and as you can imagine I had a severe concussion. This is was the beginning of my six months of hell.

About 6 weeks after recovering from my accident and caught dengue fever which was brought on from the bite of a devilish little mosquito. If you have ever had Dengue, let me tell you, it feels like every bit of death. I spent about a week in bed sweating, extreme body aches and delirious dreams before I was finally checked into the hospital and recovered within 4 days.

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Another 6 weeks go by, feeling fully myself, getting my health back on track at the gym and something went wrong. Something popped in my lower back while doing a simple leg press and I spent the next 2 months in and out of bed on pain killers. I finally had to fly to Bangkok, Thailand for surgery and after spent 2 month working with the physical therapy unit there in recovery.

While all these events were going on, in personal life I met someone. A pretty fantastic someone I now call my girlfriend. But, with that development came a fixated ex that began sending death threats and leaving cryptic messages on my phone. Warning me that “if I came back to Bali, I would have a shadow hanging over me for the rest of my short life.”

I definitely thought about going home. Be comfortable, safe again, be with a family that loves me. Run away from this darkness I found myself in. But, ultimately, I loved this person I called my friend at the time and decided she deserved a friend that wouldn’t run.

Within days after moving back to back, two things became very clear. 1) Me and this fantastic woman fell in love and 2) I was scared to death. With everything that had happened and the death threats on top of it. I was afraid to go to sleep at night, I was afraid to wake up. I was afraid each day might be my last. With everything going on, all the bad luck I was having, I was afraid I’d get into another wreck, bitten by another bug or someone in a dark alley would find me in the night.

This is when I started to clench my teeth during the day and grind my teeth at night. I developed bruxism, unconscious clenching and grinding of my teeth. My nerves, the stress I was under, each day it was like I was constantly ready for a fight. That’s when I had to change something and I began researching and developing techniques and eventually technology in order to destress and treat my bruxism disorder.

Here are my Top 10 Techniques to Reduce Stress & Bruxism

Diving deep into research and techniques of eliminating stress and behavioral change I discovered a technique called biofeedback therapy which is kind of like using technology to give yourself super powers. It’s like Spider-Man’s ‘Spidersense’ where it makes you more aware of your body, more aware of unconscious, unwanted behaviors so you can consciously change them.

Over the last year I’ve worked with engineers, hardware developers, app developers and a dentist to create my own biofeedback device called BruxRelief. It’s a simple, small device that sits behind your ear and allows you to detect, treat and eliminate stress and bruxism disorder. We’ve recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to send this device into production.

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