Message From Spirit-Control Your Anxiety

Control Your Anxiety

Why, in this modern society, with all the gadgets and machines, are you all so busy? This busy-ness leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

This is anxiety you can do something about! It has to do with choices. Do you have to do everything which comes your way?

Do you need to accept every invitation for a social event? How many visits to the gym do you need a week? Is every shopping trip totally necessary? The list goes on!

If you could cut your “doing” time you could use the time saved for more valuable activities. Maybe you would like to incorporate meditation or yoga into your daily schedule, or just sit and relax with a newspaper or magazine.

You could choose from a myriad of activities which would calm your mind, body and spirit and allow you to feel rested.

You will find yourself enjoying your day more and being able to cope with whatever comes your way. Being kind to yourself and others will reap the benefits.

You are more likely to be kind, loving, compassionate and understanding, whether you are at home, work or in a social situation. Let others see the real you, not you feeling anxious and stressed because you feel you have no time.

Make time to relax and enjoy your life. You will stay healthier and feel like you are in control. What a relief it will be to feel a sense of ease as you move through your day. Make it happen! It is within your reach!

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