Best Superfood Powders

We’ve tried so many different superfood powders over the years and I can confidently say that HealthForce products are the only products that I have found that honestly live up to the claims. We travel a lot and this is the easiest way to add so many amazing superfoods to your smoothies.

HealthForce Nutritionals  is the #1 Source for Raw, Vegan, Bio-compatible Nutritional Superfoods. HealthForce Nutritionals is a 20+ year 100% hardcore vegan therapeutic superfoods company.

In my opinion, Vitamineral Green is the highest quality raw superfood blend on the market. Jameth Sheridan is a man of high integrity and intelligence. He has devoted his life to producing the highest quality nutritional products available. And there so many of them!

Let me tell you more about each product.

Vitamineral™ Green, Vital Healing SuperFood Powder

Vitamineral Green is a superior, nutritionally dense therapeutic green superfood powder. Vitamineral Green nutritionally supports blood sugar, detoxification, the immune system, liver, kidneys, blood, bones, colon, regularity, circulation, and longevity.

Every ingredient, including how it is grown and processed, is therapeutic.  It is an extremely potent & comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximize their benefits.  Contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring, absorbable and non-toxic vitamins, minerals, all the essential amino acids (protein), antioxidants, chlorophyll, soluble and insoluble fibers, tens of thousands of phytonutrients, and a plethora of other synergistically bound, organic nutrients.  Contains no synthetic or isolated nutrients (not excreted as expensive yellow urine or stored as toxic deposits).  Vitamineral™ Green is Actual Food™.


From the Land

• Nettle Leaf • Shavegrass (Horsetail) • Alfalfa Leaf Juice • Dandelion Leaf Juice • Barley Grass Juice • Oat Grass Juice • Barley Grass • Wheat Grass • American Basil • Holy Basil/Tulsi • Moringa Leaf • Yacon Leaf • Nopal Cactus • Chickweed • Ginger Root • Broccoli Juice • Kale Juice • Spinach Juice • Parsley Juice • Carob Pod • Amla Berry

From the Waters

• Spirulina • Chlorella


From the Oceans (Mineralization)

• Icelandic Kelp • Dulse • Nori • Alaria • Bladderwrack

Enzymes (optimum absorption +) • Protease • Amylase • Lipase  • Cellulase • Bromelain  • Papain • Alpha-Galactosidase



• Shilajit + • Magnetic • Homeopathic • Energetic & Vibrational energies


Zeoforce™ Zeolite Detoxify Daily Powder

ZeoForce™ is a non-toxic, deeply detoxifying, & alkalizing dietary supplement from Earth Clay (zeolite is formed when volcanic magna hits fresh or salt water) that can be used internally and externally to help rid the body of toxins such as heavy metals, ammonia and other harmful chemicals and environmental substances*.

Benefits increase with continued usage.

ZeoForce™ naturally holds a negative charge and will bond with toxins for safe and effective removal*.  It can also be used externally for face & body masques, or added to your bath water for a detoxifying soak.

ZeoForce™ is Clinoptilolite mineral CONCENTRATE – micro reduced to the size red blood cells for optimum absorption and potency that diluted liquids simply cannot match.

Earth, a Sacred Healing SuperFood Powder

Earth™ is the grounding superfood powder with the best sources of essential fatty acids, cleansing and highly nutritive roots, barks, and colon detoxifying and supportive foods.

Earth™ can be used on its own as a grounding superfood blend, or ideally taken in the same day as  Vitamineral™ Green for a balance of yin and yang.


  • Smoothies:  Will thicken and nutrify.
  • Broth or Tea:  Add to warm water or make a tea (virtually all natives made teas of healing herbs with hot water).  Hot water tea produces a totally different flavor (with more phytonutrients). Drink all at once or throughout the day.
  • Savory Dishes:  Add to foods such as soups, salads, dressings, casseroles, etc.


Earth Below: Astragalus Root , Burdock Root, Nettle Root, Marshmallow Root, Yacon Root, Dandelion Root, Carrot, Ginger, Rhubarb Root

Earth Above: Red Clover Blossoms, Slippery Elm Bark, Watercress, White Oak Bark,  Corn silk, Kelp, Cinnamon Bark, Blessed Thistle, Sheep Sorrel.


Earth Seeds: Sprouted Flax Seeds, Sprouted Chia Seeds,   Milk Thistle Seeds.


Earth Broth: Miso, Chili Powder, Paprika, Sage Leaf. Providing essential organic sodium and grounding spices of life.

Earthbiotics: Massive array of both implantable lactobacillus species and NSOs™ (Natural Soil Organisms™)

Actual Food™ Nutrient Array: (containing 100% organically  bound: Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Manganese,  B-Vitamins, Beta-Glucans, and all necessary cofactors)

Energetics: Shilajit + Magnetic, Homeopathic, Energetic, & Vibrational Enhancements. Magnetically sanitized and purified.

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