4 Tips For a Pre-Christmas Detox

When it comes to the end of the detox, most people tend to start their diet in the New Year, bearing in mind the amount of Turkey, cake and alcohol that is usually consumed over Christmas. If you’re looking to fight the bulge a little sooner however, getting a head start before the festive season even begins, then you’ve already got the will and determination others lack. There are a number of benefits to starting your detox before Christmas, and as long as you stay on track, you’ll easily be able to carry your fitness regime through to the New Year, and even further! If you’re ready to start you’re pre-Christmas detox, then here are some top tips to get you underway.

Cut Back On The Dairy Products

This is probably one of the hardest tips to implement, especially when dairy is a huge part of people’s diets. However if you simply go cold turkey and bear the brunt of the suffering, you’ll be fine after a week or two, and you’ll certainly lose an inch or two off the waist in time for New Year. Eating too much dairy produces straining levels of mucus in the body, which could lead to your kidneys and intestines overworking themselves – thus leaving you drained of energy. By cutting out the dairy, or significantly reducing it, you’ll find that you will have a lot more energy to play with, allowing you to train harder in the long run.

Read The Label!

You’re going to need to focus on what you’re putting into your body if you want the best results from your pre-Christmas detox, so blindly buying products without knowing what’s in them isn’t going to help. Even products that are branded ‘healthy’ can be detrimental to your detox, mainly because everyone’s bodies work in different ways. For example, energy drinks are promoted has healthy, however they contain excess amounts of sugars that will be converted into fat if you drink too many. For more information on detox supplements for men, and the correct energy or health drinks to consume during your detox, visit http://www.lamuscle.com.

Say No To Bread and Pasta!

Bread and Pasta are two of the worst foods in the carbohydrates category. Again, just like many other foods, they’re promoted as healthy as part of a balanced diet. However what the television doesn’t tell you is that unless you stick to a high intensity cardiovascular exercise regime, carbs will be stored and used to fuel the body. Thus, bread and pasta will be burned by the body when exercising, instead of the body burning its fat, ultimately hindering your detox.

Water, Water, Water

The typical human body is made up of around 55-65 per cent water, and those fluids are used to continuously repair and rejuvenate your organs, as well as helping the kidneys and liver flush out the stuff the body can’t use. The more water you drink, the more efficient the process will be, and you’ll start to see a change in your fitness levels as well as your appearance in no time. When it comes to a pre-Christmas detox, increasing your water intake is essential.


About the author – Laura is a 21 year old graduate living in Liverpool

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