Message From Spirit-Acknowledge Your Inner Self

You are multi-faceted beings with a heart like no other. Some have discovered the Power of the Heart, others have not. Some call the heart “the second brain”. This is correct. The heart holds many secrets.

One of the most powerful things you can learn is the fact you have your own personal connection to the source within you! Can you imagine the life you can create if you would just tap into this power?

Sit quietly in contemplation every day. Use your innate intuition which you all have and listen to what your heart tells you. There is much wisdom for you to use to improve your lives. Why live a limited life when you can be so much more?

Hold onto your positive thoughts and let go of your negative ones. Your negative thoughts do not serve you. They hold you in a prison of your own making. See yourselves as the supreme beings you are. You have many attributes at your disposal, yet you focus on the ones which bring you down.

Think only of your perfect life. Feel with your heart and you will know what is good for you and what is not. Your heart is the key to your promising future. Your heart remembers and knows everything about you, more than your conscious knowledge.

Give yourself the gift of your true self. Tap into your power and you will be in wonder at the manifestations which emanate from your true self –- the magnificent being you are! Believe in the unbelievable! It will take you places you only have been in your dreams!

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