Natural Remedies for Breast Milk Deficiency

There are many everyday foods which provide a remedial cure for breast milk deficiency such as fennel, herb tea, garlic, onion and almonds. These foods do help, but a healthy diet is the most important thing you need to avoid ever facing breast milk deficiency. It is very important that every lactating mother should take good care of their healthy by having a wholesome diet which includes sufficient amount of water, milk and fresh fruit juices.

Home cures to treat breast milk deficiency helps in improving the production of milk for infants. Breast milk for a baby is the only source of nutrition. Studies have proved that infants who have mothers breast milk show better development as compared to those infants who are unable to get this important source of nutrition. Mother’s milk helps make the immunity of the baby stronger. Breast milk is extremely nutritious and it is easily digested by the baby. Many mothers face this problem of insufficient breast milk production, before taking some medicines to cure this problem why not try some simple home cures.

The mothers who are facing breast milk deficiency may experience lack of tenderness of the breast. Also, the breast milk may be extremely diluted and clear. Lack of breast milk in mothers may cause the baby to cry too often due to lack of milk supply. The baby may experience weakness also.

One chief cause of breast milk deficiency is excessive intake of caffeinated drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The bodies of new mothers may go through some hormonal changes and this may cause emotional distress and depressed feelings, which indirectly affects the breast milk production. A healthy body and mind will ensure optimum breast milk production. However, sometimes the cause is unavoidable like hormonal changes. In such cases one must try a simple natural cure first before taking medicines or any other treatment.

Some Foods That Can Help Resolve Breast Milk Deficiency

1. Fennel: having fennel seeds along with warm water help in increasing the milk production in lactating mothers.

2. Almonds: lactating mothers must have five to ten almonds every day. Can also have almond oil. New mothers are advised to have almonds whether or not they are facing breast milk deficiency as it is extremely good for health.

3. Herb Teas: herbal teas are in general very good for health. Breast feeding mothers can have two cups of any common herb tea like green tea to improve the production of milk and for improving their health in general.

4. Garlic: As per Ayurveda garlic has essential properties which can help improve the production of milk in lactating mothers. Diluted garlic juice is also applied on the breast to kill any microbes and disease causing germs to keep the baby from getting an infection.

5. Onion: Lactating mothers must have more raw onions in their everyday diet to improve the breast milk production. Onion extract when applied on the breast helps in getting rid of any puss formation.

Stress free environment: a stress free environment is helpful for the lactating mother to cope with all the physical and emotional changes. Care should be given to make sure that there are no disturbing situations for the new mother.

The mother’s breast milk is very important for the growth and development of the baby in the initial months. Good diet and stress free environment must be provided for the lactating mothers to ensure good health of the baby as well as the mother.

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