Self-Care, Self-Education and Self-Government With Don Tolman

Today we dive deep in to 3 major revolutions that are underway: Self-Care, Self-Education and Self-Government. In order for us to evolve and thrive we need to join these revolutions that are taking place. Our goal here at BeWellBuzz is to provide as much information to help you embody these 3 revolutions.

There are more drugs and diseases than ever, schools are dumbing our kids down, and the government is taking more and more control over us. It’s never been more important to really “get” the information presented in this podcast.

This week Shawn Stevenson interviews Don Tolman, known as the Whole Food Medicine Cowboy. For last 17 years he searched the world and let nothing get in his way of hunting down the lost wisdom of the ancients, and discovering the truths about the real potential of human beings which has been kept hidden from the masses. He read and interpreted the most profound ancient scrolls, was given special dispensation rights to pour through hidden ancient libraries, and searched through dusty old catacombs.

Don has helped thousands of people world wide from Hollywood stars, peak performance body builders and athletes, people who have been diagnosed with terminal illness, children and much more. And today he shares his knowledge with BeWellBuzz audience.

This information is extremely important,  please do your part to share this podcast with your friends, family and the world.

When you listen to the podcast below you’ll discover:

  • Don’s principles of Self Care.
  • The ancient and true definition of:
    • Diagnosis
    • Doctor
    • Symptom
    • Disease
  • Root cause of all diseases.
  • The cause of atomic chaos in the body.
  • How to remove toxicity out of your body.
  • How toxicity and deficiency are connected.
  • How to hydrate the brain properly.
  • What are the most people are deficient of.
  • Importance of fresh moving air.
  • 1 thing to do to electrify and increase absorption of the water.
  • How to eliminate brain fog and headaches.
  • Don’s concepts of self-education and what our current system destroys.
  • The leading cause of autism and leukemia?
  • Signature of foods
  • Plus so much more!

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Listen to the first interview with Don Tolman here

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