Can Parent Essential Oils Prevent Cancer?

(BeWellBuzz) Cancer kills millions of people each year. Even after so many years, conventional medicine has failed to find a cure for this disease. This unflattering fact accentuates the limitations of conventional science all too clearly.

The limited success of conventional science gives others an opportunity to find a cure for cancer or a way to prevent it. Anyone who does either will make millions of dollars in the process. Simply put, cancer has a huge market, and many have tried to exploit it.

Every few years, a new voice rises up and proclaims that a definitive prevention for cancer has been found. Time and time again, we are left disappointed. At best, these innovations record limited success, and, at worst, they are just a profit-making scheme.

Parent Essential Oils can save you from cancer, says Prof. Brian Peskin

A new voice has risen again. It belongs to Professor Brian Peskin, who says a way to prevent cancer has been found.

Among other things, Prof. Brian Peskin makes the following claims:

  • There is only one cause of cancer: low cell oxygen
  • The factor that affects cellular oxygen content most is cooking oil
  • Most cooking oils cause low cell oxygen. This includes hydrogenated oils and some oils that are considered healthy, such as krill oil and fish oil
  • Parent essential oils increase the cellular oxygen content and, as such, are the easiest, best, and surest way to prevent cancer

Are his claims true? Let’s find out.

Low cell oxygen causes cancer

Prof. Brian Peskin is not the first to make this claim. He has just brought this fact into the limelight again.

The discovery that lack of oxygen in cells causes cancer was made by Dr. Otto Warburg, a distinguished German physician and scientist. Dr. Warburg won the Noble Prize in 1931 for this discovery.

The fact that low cellular content causes cancer is irrefutable.

Cooking oils affect cellular oxygen content the most

The problem here is the word ‘most’. How Prof. Peskin came to this conclusion is unknown, as he does not illustrate any scientific study to back his claim. Which mechanism he used, if any, to quantify the effect of different factors on cellular oxygen content is also not known, as he chooses not to disclose this information either.

Majority of cooking oils negatively affect cellular oxygen content

Most of us have known for a long time now that hydrogenated oils are not good for health. Numerous studies have stated this fact time many times, although they may not have spoken about it specifically in the context of cellular oxygen content.

Prof. Peskin makes a debatable statement here by saying that krill and fish oils are harmful to us as they decrease cellular oxygen content. According to Mr. Peskin, fish and krill oils do not contain essential oils, but are derivatives of essential fatty acids. EPA, DHA, and GLA that essential oils, like krill and fish oil, contain, are actually derivatives of parent Omega-6 (LA) and parent Omega-3 (ALA)—the only 2 true essential acids that exist, according to Prof. Peskin.

The point Prof. Peskin is making is that by consuming krill and fish oil, which are rich in EPA, DHA, and GLA, we are giving our body an overdose of non-essential derivatives of essential fatty acids, which only PEO oils can provide. The other point he makes is that krill oil and fish oils affect cellular oxygen content negatively.

Krill and fish oils are often considered healthy, and different studies have shown that these oils are beneficial. For instance, a Chinese study concluded that krill oil supplementation suppressed the growth of colon cancer cells.

Similarly, a 2009 study found fish oil may prevent breast cancer. In the study, researchers studied 718 subjects, 358 with breast cancer and 360 without cancer, and found that women who regularly consumed Omega-3 fatty acids were at a considerably lower risk of suffering from this cancer. Fish oil, as you may know, is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which led the researchers to conclude that fish oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. Besides their effectiveness against cancer, other benefits of these two oils have also been recorded and published.

Prof. Peskin does not provide any scientific studies to support his claim about krill and fish oil. In the absence of scientific data, it is hard to believe that krill and fish oil contribute to the development of cancer.

Parent essential oils prevent cancer

Here too, the absence of scientific studies is conspicuous. In addition, no medical research hospital centre has supported this information to date.

To Conclude

On the basis of the information at hand, it is hard to accept that parent essential oils can prevent cancer. Prof. Peskin has made tall claims, like many before him, but does not to provide any scientific data to support his assertions.

This is not to say that parent essential oils may not offer any health benefits. They actually may, as they are not hydrogenated. However, don’t count on them to save you from cancer, at least not until they are researched and given a thumbs up by independent sources.

In addition, don’t discard krill and fish oil from your diet because of the criticisms made by Prof. Peskin. Studies have shown they are beneficial for various conditions. It is up to you and your nutritionist to decide what will work for your body.



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