Plant Based Diet Benefits

(BeWellBuzz) Some people may not agree with it, but all the recent scientific research and studies reveal that plant based foods – fruits and vegetables, are extremely important components of our daily diet. Rich sources of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, plants and vegetables constitute all that we can hope to get from a good diet.

However, many of us still stick to soda, bread and other junk foods. Blame it to our poor food choices that nearly one-third of U.S. children are overweight or obese. In fact, New York Times research shows that youth are increasingly being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases related to obesity that were once thought of as “only adult” conditions.

Today, there is a serious need to change our eating habits to accommodate more plant based foods. In order to promote good health, we need to spread the knowledge about the many benefits and importance of plant based diet.

Is Consuming Animal Foods Wrong?

Not at all! However, all the latest medical science points to the many benefits of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and have to be added to our daily diet.

Many of us can never imagine a diet without any meat or animal based dish and are not very fond of eating the vegetables. Meat, fish, and other animal foods are an important source of proteins but you can also find its great sources in vegan raw diet.

Well, nobody is telling you to stop eating meat altogether, all that is being asked is to create and maintain a balanced diet comprising of a combination of what is needed and what is best for your health. This is not very hard to achieve and can be initiated by simply introducing a salad into your daily diet.

The Tremendous Benefits Of Plant Based Foods

The recent studies confirmed that plants based foods are healthier than meat as they offer a solid defense against many illnesses. The risks for heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure can easily be minimized by adopting a balanced diet comprising of plant-based foods.

If you find it difficult to pick the right kind of plant based foods, there is a wide variety of delicious fruits and veggies to choose from. Green leafy vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits are a few among the plethora of other plant foods that provide many health benefits.

Salads dressings and deserts from the plants are a good way to include plant diets even if you are not a big veggie lover. There are thousands of delicious recipes to prepare with plant foods, and surely you can find some that suit your tastes.

Meat and Processed Food Bring Diseases

Animal foods like meat, chicken, and fish are known to contain antibiotics and harmful hormones. Recent studies have shown that many disease are carried in animal foods. Mad cow disease in red meat, HIN1 virus in chicken, swine flu, and many other transferable diseases have been found. All these factors are very good reasons for us to start cutting back on the animal products.

Processed foods also packed with harmful chemicals and the preservation additives that can pose many health risks. Add to all this benefits of plant foods, and the possibility of better defense against illnesses and diseases, and you will automatically prefer plants and veggies in your diet.

To top it all – the ongoing debate on environment, animal rights and welfare issues, and the large-scale industrial farming of animals make plant foods a more viable option.

How To Start Adding More Plant Foods To Your Diet?

Many of the recent scientific discoveries have helped a lot in spreading the awareness about the advantages of shifting to plant based diets. More and more Americans today know the importance of a balanced, healthy diet and are shifting to a diet rich in plants and vegetables.

If you are strictly a meat eater but plan to add more fruits and vegetables in your diet, the best way is to start slowly. One serving per day or less and gradually increase the quantity as you get used to it.

  • Ask your friends for recipes and suggestions and check out our Recipe Buzz.
  • Learn about plant foods and explore each as much as possible.
  • Make more salads and dressings with veggies.
  • Take it as an enjoyable, tasty, and healthy food and not like a forceful entry.
  • Consult a Physician to suggest the needed or beneficial nutrients and vitamins needed for you personally.
  • Consult a nutritionist or explore yourself to find local farmer’s markets.
  • Get yourself medically checked up and note the cholesterol, blood pressure, and other physical conditions. When into the plant diet for a month or so, recheck the parameters, the positive change in your health will encourage you to continue eating plant foods and will also help you make better dietary decisions.

In sum, the quantity and the quality of nutrients in plant based foods is very high as compared to animal sources so switching to veganism is a good option for a healthy living!


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