Energy Medicine Cures Medical Doctor of Terminal Disease

Back in 2000, cancer recovery specialist Dr. Ben Johnson was diagnosed with a terminal disease.

“I should already be dead,” says Dr. Ben Johnson, the co-founder of the Immune Recovery Cancer Clinic. Dr. Johnson had been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, an incurable motor neuron disease that attacks the nerves and muscles.

He considered it a death sentence — far worse than cancer or AIDS — because 80% of people who suffer from the disease die within 5 years, and no one ever survives for 10 years.

In 2003, Dr. Johnson was already entering his third year, and he was suffering from severe fatigue, constant muscle fasciculation’s (twitching of the muscles), and his voice was so weak he could barely speak. As a doctor, he was certain that death was imminent.

Then, later that year, he heard about a seminar for a new healing technology called The Healing Codes that was being conducted by Dr. Alex Loyd.

Here’s the rest of Dr. Ben Johnson’s amazing story in his own words:

“I was impressed with the testimonials (about The Healing Codes); but they weren’t nearly as important to me as the scientific explanation of how, what appeared to be miracles, could take place. I began to use The Healing Codes. After only 3 months of practicing The Healing Codes, I returned to the surgeon who first diagnosed me. He ran the test for Lou Gehrig’s (EMG) and no trace of Lou Gehrig’s Disease could be found.”

As incredible as Dr. Ben’s story is, he is not alone… Thousands of people from all over the world have reported being healed from a host of ailments, disorders and diseases… even cancer.

Dr. Alex Loyd has put together a video that shows you how to access the power of this new kind of energy medicine: Watch it here.

What’s more – the Healing Codes are easy to use…

  1. It requires nothing more than the fingertips of both hands pointing toward one or more of the 4 different healing centers in the body.
  2. It takes only 6 to 8 minutes to do.
  3. It’s so simple that anyone (even a 7-year-old) can do it in the comfort of one’s own home.

When you use your fingertips to direct healing energy at different combination’s of the 4 healing centers (there’s a specific code for the cause of every disease), you effectively clear destructive cellular memories from your body and in doing so, you turn your immune system back on.

And when you get rid of those destructive energy patterns, the cause of the disease melts away EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This may sound hard to believe, but you’ll see for yourself how countless people have used The Healing Codes to heal everything from cancer to diabetes, arthritis, emphysema, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, fibroid tumors to Lou Gehrig’s Disease and more.

====> Go here to watch the video and see how it works <====

The results are absolutely astonishing. We invite you to try this simple healing technique on yourself or a loved one who suffers from illness or disease.

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