The Healing Powers of Cayenne Pepper

(BeWellBuzz) Cayenne pepper is a beautiful, lustrous, red bell shaped variety of capsicum, which is named after the city Cayenne in the French Guiana, the overseas region of France. Cayenne pepper (pronounced as Kaai-yen) or Capsicum annum is powdered and used in spicy dishes. It is a spicy pepper with approximately 30,000 to 50,000 Scoville units (a unit used to measure the spiciness of a substance). It commonly used in Korean and other Asian cuisines in a vinegar sauce. Apart from this, Cayenne pepper is commonly termed as the ‘king of herbs’ because of its variety of health benefits.

Where Is Cayenne Pepper Grown?

Growing cayenne pepper is not a difficult process but one must bear in mind that they are highly susceptible to extreme hot or cold conditions. This is why they need to be properly acclimatized even when being transferred outdoors after packaging. The cayenne pepper can be grown in temperate climates, and it is passionately grown in places like Mexico, Nigeria and North America, where is it used for various sauces.

What Are The Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper?

Besides setting fireworks to the taste buds, cayenne peppersare popularly used to treat various ailments. In fact, Cayenne Pepper has been revered as one of the ‘all cure’ herbs as it has so many advantages like:

  • Digestion: Cayenne Pepper aids in healthy digestion by creating hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and helps in the peristaltic movement of the intestine. According to studies at NYU Langone Medical Center, it has been found that Cayenne Pepper can relieve dyspepsia or indigestion by alleviating symptoms of bloating and nausea. Because cayenne pepper is packed with flavor, it helps to produce saliva which is extremely helpful for good digestion.
  • Blood Circulation: Cayenne Pepper works miracles on the circulatory system. It is known to arrest heart attacks within 30 seconds. It is a naturally stimulates the body without ill effects like heart palpitations. In February 2010 issue of Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, it was revealed that cayenne pepper energizes the system while lowering blood pressure. It is known to increase stamina and overall vigor of the body.
  • Hemorrhage: Cayenne pepper is known to cure hemorrhages of the lungs and the heart within minutes. This is because the pepper can first lower the blood pressure to prevent any further bleeding and then stimulates rapid clotting of blood at the site of the hemorrhage. Cayenne pepper helps in preventing the formation of blood clots. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes by a large extent.
  • Pain Killer: State University of New York at Buffalo have also shown that the pepper can be an effective pain killer for pain originating from cancer surgeries or peripheral neuropathy or nerve pain as a side effect of diabetes. Cayenne pepper works very similar to certain pain relieving ointments. It contains a substance called capsaicin, which causes a burning sensation to the skin. The heat is transmitted through the muscle and the joints, acting as a painkiller. Research is still being done to explore the properties of Cayenne pepper in curing chronic headaches.
  • Skin & Throat Problems: Cayenne pepper has been used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and other itchy skin conditions. Since Cayenne pepper is a spicy and pungent powder, it may seem like – it can irritate the throat. On the contrary, it works wonders against cough, sore throat, stomach ulcers and diarrhea. Cayenne pepper has the property to clear the nasal cavity from thick mucus by breaking it down. Hence it produces relief against common cold and flu.
  • Cancer: Cayenne pepper induces programmed cell death, a property lacking in cancer cells. By this property, cells do not extend their life span and perish at the appropriate time. Unlike chemotherapy, it only affects cancer cells and the normal cells remain unharmed. The substance capsaicin is known to arrest tobacco induced tumors. Hence, it can also be used to treat lung cancer.
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial: A 2009 study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” suggests that the pepper has anti-fungal properties. Cayenne pepper acts as an anti-inflammatory and prevents certain allergies. This property helps relieve pain due to arthritis. Cayenne pepper is also used as a food preservative due to its antibacterial properties.
  • Detox: Cayenne pepper is used for the purpose of detoxification. In combination with honey and lemon juice, it is extremely effective in ridding the system from toxins and other harmful substances. Moreover, consumption of cayenne pepper also induces sweating which is another way to purge the body of toxic substances.
  • Other diseases & wounds: Cayenne pepper is used to treat tooth and gum diseases. It is also used topically to treat snake bites and other wounds.

Who Should Not Use Cayenne Pepper?

Despite the numerous benefits, a word of caution is in order, because cayenne pepper should not be used by all if:

  • Mothers still breast feeding can suffer from cracked skin near the nipples, from where the infant is fed. Cayenne pepper, although a good healer for the mother’s skin can affect the infant.
  • Children below 2 years of age should not be given cayenne pepper.
  • Since Cayenne pepper prevents blood clots, patients newly recovering from surgery should avoid the pepper because it can cause excessive bleeding.

Cayenne Pepper: A Good Solution For Natural Healing

Cayenne Pepper is a master cleanser, and great food to add to your diet. With so many benefits, you can’t possibly go wrong with Cayenne!


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