Beet Juice May Boost Brain Health

New research shows that drinking beet juice[1] could boost blood flow to your brain and possibly protect against dementia. In a small study[2] from Nitric Oxide: Biology and Chemistry, scientists discovered that subjects given beet juice had increased blood flow to brain regions associated with aging-related cognitive impairment.

The study involved 14 adults, all of whom were age 70 or older. Over the course of a four-day experiment, researchers found that following a beet-juice-enriched diet helped stimulate circulation to white matter in the frontal lobes. According to the study’s authors, poor circulation in this part of the brain is often linked to a higher risk of dementia.

Marked by a strong flavor, beet juice is often blended with other juices (like apple or carrot) before drinking. Past studies show that drinking beet juice may also tame inflammation[3], keep blood pressure[4] in check, and enhance exercise stamina.


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