Home Remedies For Common Eye Infections

eye_care Eyes are one of the most precious organ of our body. We must protect our eyes till the very end. Eyes are also susceptible to many infections and if we are not careful then we may fall prey to them. However, with little help we can cure these common eye infections from a simple home remedy. Before we read about the home remedy for eye infection we must know little about the symptoms of several common eye infections.

Common eye infections:

1. Redness: the white portion of the eye will get red. It will not be as red as the blood.
2. Green or yellow discharge from the eye: in some infections you will find yellow or greenish discharge from the eye.
3. Irritation: Itching and irritation is the eye is the symptom of eye infection.
4. Chronic itching: some eye infections may lead to constant itching in the eye.
5. Photophobia: the eye becomes severely sensitive to any light.
6. Swelling in the eyes: the eyes will be all swollen due to some eye infections:
7. Watery eyes: you may experience watery discharge from the eyes in some eye infections:
8. Pain: in some infections you may experience pain in the eyes.
9. Blurred sight: The vision may get slightly blurred during some of the infections.

Simple home remedies for eye infections:

1. If you have a stye in your eye, then you can treat it with the help of a hot compress(made of a clean hot cloth) on the swollen part of the eye.

2. You can cure a stye by placing a tea bag dipped in warm water. Place the soaked tea bag on the eye with the stye and leave it for a while. The tanic acid in the tea will force the stye to reduce to half its size in no time. Apply a tea bag on the eye even if it is dry to get rid of it completely.

3. If the stye keeps coming back then you can use guava leaves to get rid of it. Keep warmed guava leaves in a warm damp cloth. Use this cloth as a compress on the effected eye.

4. You can use this eye drops to get rid of the stye. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric[1] powder in two cups of clean water. Put the drops of this mix in your eyes two to three times in a day till the stye in completely gone.

5. For other infections, take two cups of clean water and add acacia leaves in it. Boil the water for five minutes. Dip a clean cloth in this water as use it as a warm compress for five minutes.

6. Wash your eyes with the following natural eye wash: Take one teaspoon of coriander seeds and add it in a cup of water, boil the same. Strain the water and use it as eye wash to cure stye and also to cleanse the eyes.

7. If you have pink eyes or Conjunctivitis, treat it by making a warm compress of chamomile, rose oil and lavender. It is helpful in reducing the pain or general irritation.

8. Cold[2] bread is a helpful cure for treating inflammation and itching in the eyes. Place cold[3] bread on the eyes for five to ten minutes.


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