Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Being concerned about your fitness is a good thing, and you obviously know that the only way to become fit is by exercising and eating the right diet. However, there’s one more factor which can make a difference by speeding up the process of becoming fit, and that is boosting your metabolism. If you can make your metabolism work better, then it greatly affects your chances of remaining fighting fit.

You may think that the factors determining the metabolism of an individual, such as age, sex, genetics, and body type cannot be controlled by you. However, there are certain foods that are known to boost your metabolism and make it work better. In this way, you are increasing the chances of losing weight and becoming fitter and healthier.

What are these magic foods that can boost your metabolism? You may be surprised to see some of them on this list because of how common they probably are, which is why you may have ignored them in favor of some other exotic fruit or foods which are being touted as the next best thing in the fitness world. Here’s a look at some of these foods which researchers have found to be the best when it comes to increasing your metabolism:

Water – Yes, water is one of the best things that you can consume to increase your metabolism and lose weight. People who don’t drink enough water often have slower metabolism, which in turn affects water retention and makes them feel bloated. When you drink enough water throughout the day, you burn more calories. Water also prevents binge eating because it significantly curbs your appetite by making you feel full.

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Apples – Boost your metabolism with an apple. Apples are low in fat, but their sweetness can inhibit your cravings for something sweet and calorific. Also, fruits like apples and pears make sure that your blood sugar is on the right level, and that helps your metabolism focus on burning calories instead of storing them.

Oats – Switch to eating rolled oats for breakfast, because it’s one of the healthiest meal options that you can have in the morning. The carbs can give you a boost of energy, and oats are good for lowering cholesterol levels too. Additionally, oats can also charge up your metabolism.

Green Tea – There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of green tea. The Chinese have been drinking it for centuries, and not without reason. Green tea is full of antioxidants which fight disease and help you stay young. It can also make your metabolism work better and faster and help you burn those calories.

Yogurt – The next time you feel like snacking, open a carton of low fat yogurt and dig in. Not only is it great to taste, but it contains plenty of pro-biotic enzymes that keep your digestive system working properly as well. When your intestines are working properly, it’s only a matter of time for the rest to fall into place, especially your metabolism.

Beans – Are you a big fan of beans? Then it’s time to rejoice, because beans are good for you. They’re loaded with fiber and they induce a feeling of satiety, thus making you feel full for longer. When you’re full, you don’t binge eat or have something completely inappropriate just because you feel like it.

Eggs – Eggs are also a good way to bring your metabolism up to speed. This protein rich food is known to encourage weight loss and also make you feel fuller for longer. Research has shown that after an egg based breakfast, people tend to consume lesser calories during subsequent meals, which is a good way to help lose weight.

Berries – Everyone knows that berries are good for health. They’re being touted as superfoods because of their antioxidant properties and the ability to fight cancer. However, very few people know that berries are also a good way to boost metabolism and make it work better. Opt for berries as a light but satisfying snack the next time you feel the need for a sugar rush.

Cayenne Pepper – Hot peppers may burn your tongue, but they’re being increasingly used in fat burning foods. The reason? Cayenne pepper has capsaicin, which can heat up your body. In order to cool down your body, it needs to burn calories, which in turn boosts the metabolism.

Getting your metabolism to work for you can be one of the best ways for you to start losing weight and become fit. Try out some of these foods and incorporate them in your daily lifestyle, not just because they can better your metabolism, but also because they’re very healthy for you.

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