Free Up Space in Your Home and Free Up Time

space in your home

Organizing your life can start at home by decluttering and organizing your house. Make good use of your cleaning time by following these tips to put your rooms in order and create more storage space.


The closet is a common place for old and unwanted items to accumulate. So it happens to be a great place to start an organization overhaul.

  • Solve your biggest problem first. Determine the biggest obstacle causing clutter in your closet and either get rid of the overcrowding items or create a more efficient way to organize your items.

  • Empty your closet. Remove everything from your closet and start from scratch, putting things back inside. Take this opportunity to toss damaged items, donate what you no longer use and properly organize into sections what you decide to keep.

  • Remove what doesn’t belong in your closet. Old pictures and tax documents do not belong with your sneakers. Find more appropriate homes for those objects later and free up space for your clothes.


Whether it is old food expiring in your fridge or at the back of your pantry, the kitchen is the perfect location for some decluttering and organizing.

  • Clear your counters. It is easy to feel stressed when your countertops are littered with mail, calendars and homework. Mount dry-erase boards and mail holders on the walls to free up your counter space.

  • Hang pots and pans. Limited cupboard space may be the cause of kitchen clutter. Open up more cabinets for other items by hanging your pots and pans from a pot rack.

  • Group food items together. Keep your pantry in line by having designated areas for similar foods.

  • File plastic containers and matching lids in a drawer. Being able to fully open the drawer to see all the pieces will make it easier to match lids with containers and easily stack them inside one another.


Quick weather changes cause seasonal equipment to gather in piles in the garage and without proper storage, those items can get damaged.

  • Do not use your garage as limbo storage. You know, all those old appliances and furniture you’re holding onto for a rainy day? Get rid of them! If there are pieces that don’t belong in the garage, but you must keep them, look into affordable self-storage options near your home.

  • Use your garage’s ceiling. Install shelving above the roofs of your vehicles to store less frequently used items, such as holiday decorations. If you are not using clear storage totes, make sure to label each bin so you know exactly what is inside without opening it.

  • Hang your tools. Install a pegboard behind your workbench and hang your most frequently used tools for easy access and a systemized look.

  • Store items together. Sports equipment does not belong on the shelf with your motor oil. Designate zones within your garage and assemble products accordingly.

Organizing and decluttering any part of your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Devote one to two hours a week to organizational endeavors and focus only on one area until it is complete.

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