Podcast 7 – Natural Treatment For Depression

In this podcast expert nutritionist, Shawn Stevenson, talks about root causes and natural treatments to problems of depression.

Many people suffer quietly because they don’t realize they have an illness. They may feel the depression is a weakness and as a result don’t make the call for help. Let’s clear up some things right now. Depression is more than just having the “blues”. Depression is not a personal weakness or personality fault. Depression has natural treatments. You are about to discover what they are in this podcast.

General Depression Statistics

  • Depression weakens the immune system and so one becomes susceptible to physical disorders
  • In a year nearly 13 million and 14 million people experience a depressive disorder
  • Only 20 percent who develop depression receive adequate treatment
  • 16 percent of adults will experience depression
  • 97 percent of those reporting depression are with the opinion that their work, home life and relationships suffered as a result of it
  • Depression increases chances of dying within 6 months after a heart attack

When you listen to this podcast you will learn:

  • How depression effects you biologically
  • The chemical process of depression
  • How Vitamin C helps reverse depression & its best botanical sources
  • This legume can help with dopamine based depression
  • This yellow flower has been clinically proven in helping depression
  • The amazing history and benefits of Ginkgo Biloba
  • People suffering with depression have a low level of this
  • You MUST remove these oils from your diet
  • This nut works just as well as a pharmaceutical antidepressant
  • And much more…

Recommended viewing:
Shawn Stevenson’s TEDx talk on Cacao

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