Things to Avoid in Deodorants

Along with other body hygiene products, a deodorant is one of the most necessary in the lives of most Americans these days. The modern day version of this product has a lot of hidden dangers in its active ingredients and many are still unaware of that. In order to avoid perspiration and bad odor, this product is continuously used on the underarms, without knowing the potential negative effects it has.

Aluminum is the major ingredient in deodorants. It is a metallic element useful in preventing sweat from escaping out into the pores. However, it has been connected to the development of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Increase in the number of breast and prostate cancer cases is linked to the growing use of deodorants in both men and women. Still, it is not classified as carcinogen by the FDA. Further studies are required for conclusion.

Another ingredient in deodorants is called paraben. It is used as a preservative in most cosmetic products. Random study by the CDC reveals that all of the 100 human urine samples already have this synthetic preservative. This alarming figures show that the chemicals used on our skin is directly and highly absorbed by the body.

The disruption of the normal hormonal balance in the body is the greatest threat that these ingredients can cause. This can increase the risk of breast cancer or other hormonal cancers and early pubescence in children. Exposure to paraben is also connected to organ toxicity and birth defects.

Another ingredient is propylene glycol. This material is petroleum-based and it is used to soften cosmetic products. This is one cheap way to make application of skin care products on easier.

It is said that if this chemical is used in small quantities, it can no longer render negative effects in the body. However, this statement is highly questionable according to most consumer safety supporters. If used in large amounts, researches reveal that it can damage the liver and the heart as well as the central nervous system.

Some of the foods that people eat today also has this chemical in it. In order to prevent the development of unwanted health problems, it is best to avoid any exposure to this chemical. Popular these days among the health conscious circles are the use of skin care and cosmetic products that are devoid of propylene glycol or any of its derivatives.

Another chemical that is to be avoided but often found in antiperspirants is Phthalates. Aside from its usage in skin care and cosmetic products, body care items and synthetic colognes, they are also utilized in the formation of medical goods and plastics. They have the ability to dissolve other ingredients in order to make a more consistent material.

One disadvantageous thing about this ingredient is that it has been linked to different health issues. An increasing number of birth defects has been connected to those women of childbearing age that have high phthalate levels in their blood and urine. This shows that this ingredient can cause cell mutation and can disrupt the normal function of hormone receptors.

Most commercial deodorants today also contain the ingredient known as triclosan. It has antibacterial properties and is often used to kill the odor produced by sweat mixing with bacteria. Most hand wipes, antibacterial soaps and hand gels have this.

It is also classified by the FDA as a pesticide. Aside from that, it is known to be a potential carcinogen according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some companies have already removed triclosan from their products because of this. But, there are still plenty of products that use is.

Make sure to always read the label.

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