The Time You Have Left

How are you spending your precious time? Are you living the life you love?

This incredible video will change your perspective on life!

Life is like jelly beans. Average American lifespan can be represented by 28835 jelly beans a single bean for each day. On average, 8,477 beans are spent for sleeping, 1,635 beans for eating or drinking-related activities and 3,202 jelly beans for working. An additional 1,099 jelly beans are spent in a car, while 2,676 are allotted for staring at a television and 1,576 are slated for random household chores.

At the end of it all, we end up with slightly fewer than 3,000 jelly beans.

What if you only had 100 left? What if the time you have left was only 5 days? What would you do?

Start living today and spend your time on what truly matters.

How will you make every single day count?


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