Social Natural Remedy Site Launches has officially launched. The first ever socially driven health community, Remedy Luv offers 1000’s of natural remedies and health articles on every imaginable topic, completely free.

Every day piles of new health information from internet, magazine, newspaper, and radio are added to the mountain of past data. For an average person wanting optimal health or a solution to a health problem it’s virtually impossible to discover a real solution. Most “home remedies” only fix a problem temporarily or don’t work at all. The true value of Remedy Luv is that the reader has the power to voice what works for them and as whole the community determines the remedies that are most effective.

Larry Oz, the creator of the Remedy Luv, says: “With the launch of this website we are setting a new way of filtering misinformation with the first ever community-oriented health resource. This result driven site gives readers an opportunity to intelligently share thoughts and feelings about remedies that they are interested in. Not only can the community find, vote and comment on natural remedies that work, they can also request and submit their own!” fills a need for for truthful natural health information and creates an essential feedback loop that is lacking in many health sites today. This new website provides plenty of natural remedies ranging from headaches, acne, sinuses, arthritis to thyroid disorders, and many more.

Well, what are you waiting for? Visting now… Search, Vote, Comment, Request and SHARE the LUV!

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