Message from Spirit – Acknowledge The Knowledge Of Your Elders

message from spirit - acknowledge the knowledge of the elders

In your society, much wisdom is lost when the elderly die. Do you not see the benefits of tapping into this wonderful resource?

They have lived a longer life than you and have experienced many varied situations, relationships, careers, adventures, upturns and downturns. What an amazing resource available to you for advice, or just simply to shine light on your own life.

It’s time for the elderly to regain the respect they have lost. Nurture in your young love and respect for their grandparents and great-grandparents. Let them see with their young eyes the roles these people played when they were younger.

Plenty of stories can be told. Grandparents love interacting with their grandchildren. Encourage them to tell stories of their childhood. Where did they live? What work did their parents do? How did they get around? What were their favourite games? The topics are endless.

Create a fascination in the children. This is the grounding for the respect that should be shown to elders throughout life. The children will see the older generation as a valuable resource when questions need answering. They will know Grandpa and Grandma have done lots of different things in their lives. It can give them a different perspective on their situation.

As the children become comfortable with their own grandparents, suggest to them they might like meeting their friends’ grandparents. Encourage an interest in their lives as well. The children will come to understand people live varied lives. The respect and awe will develop further.

Be the example for your children. Respect your own parents, ask for their advice and draw on their life experiences. It’s time to find the admiration for the older generation.

They are to be rewarded for their commitment to life and their contribution to the growth of their fellow man. See them as a gift to make your life richer, fuller and filled with love. Remember you will be an elderly person in the future. How would you like to be treated?

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