3 Myths about Senior Assisted Living

assisted living center

Assisted living centers are becoming quite popular with elderly individuals who want the convenience of having nursing staff close by while still retaining the majority of their independence. Many misconceptions exist concerning what an assisted living center is and what an elderly person must do to become a resident.

Loss of Independence

One of the biggest myths regarding moving into an assisted living center is a person will lose their independence. This is far from true. People are allowed to entertain guests, cook their own meals and keep their pets. Individuals who choose to live in an assisted living center are able to enjoy their independence for as long as possible. For many, remaining independent and self-sufficient is what helps them stay active and focused.

Family Assistance Is Required

Many families are under the impression that if their loved ones move into an assisted living center they will be required to continue providing assistance on a regular basis. Staff members at this type of facility work round the clock to help residents who may need help performing certain tasks.

Families are urged to continue visiting their family members once they are settled into the center, but they are not required to provide any level of care unless it is something they choose. Assisted living center residents are encouraged to continue living as independently as possible.

Assisted Living Centers Are Glorified Nursing Homes

Contrary to popular belief, assisted living centers are not “nursing homes”. A common misconception is these centers, which are designed to assist their residents, are just another type of nursing home. Nursing homes offer complete, round-the-clock care to individuals who no longer have the capability of caring for themselves. However, assisted living centers give residents a chance to live and function on their own, while still having help close by.

Assisted living centers are designed to help elderly residents remain independent. They normally offer all of the convenience of one’s own home, only with a few distinct advantages. First, they have the benefit of staff members who are there to help with certain tasks that have become harder to perform over the years. While the residents are able to come and go as they please, they have the constant reassurance that help is only minutes away if an emergency presents itself.



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