Truth About Abs Review

Truth About Abs is an effective fat loss system that was designed by Mike Geary, a certified personal trainer and nutrition expert. He has put all of his knowledge and experience into a program that both men and women can follow to lose fat and build lean muscle.  While the name of this program implies that you’ll only see results in your abs, it is actually a full body fat loss program.

This amazing eBook is one of the most comprehensive muscle-toning systems out there. It includes in-depth information on general topics like metabolism, body fat, how to train your abs properly as well as meal plans, diet plans, 50 different exercises which are simple and doable in the house and illustrations to show you how to do them right! There are descriptions on different types of workouts, what helps and what doesn’t, as well as information on diet, nutrition, blood sugar, calorie burning and much more. Geary has outlined all the facts in a crisp, concise manner, thus making clear every bit of his information and guidance.

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