The Health Bridge – Power Of Entheogens and Their Medicinal Uses

The topic of entheogens has been a taboo for a very long time but it’s making a comeback as many people are exploring these options. It’s very important to learn and understand what they are, how they affect your body, and how they can help you heal, let go and transform.

Direct translation of the word entheogen is, “becoming the God within” and the use of entheogenic substances can be a profound part of one’s search for a more transcendent existence. In broader terms, an entheogen is a psychoactive (brain-altering) substance that is used for spiritual outcomes. This can take place in a structured religious ceremony or in a less regulated environment, as long as it’s for religious, shamanic, or healing purposes. This is fundamental to entheogenic spiritualism because it is not to be confused with recreational use of these substances. 

Most entheogens fall into the hallucinogenic drug category, but any substance used for this purpose is derived from organic sources. This is a vital dissimilarity between substances used for entheogenic purposes and other synthetically produced drugs that, while they may have similar effects, do not fall into this category, nor do they meet the criteria for entheogen classification. There are many examples of entheogens, including: peyote, blue lotus, tobacco, hashish, cannabis, kava, henbane, and fly agaric. Some are familiar, like tobacco. The use of tobacco as an entheogen can be traced back to Native Americans who introduced it to European explorers.

Larry was recently interviews by Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai on this specific topic. With the legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington, the United States is entering a new era to which not all the consequences are known. This dynamic trio discusses the benefits to using entheogens, downsides, and everything in between. Sara, Pedram, and Larry each provide their own views on a subject with many different opinions and factors at play. Let us know how you like it and make sure to share with your friends too.

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