Our Cleansing Protocol

By Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky.

Our body has a natural ability to heal, correct any imbalances and restore itself to a state of health and natural equilibrium. Unfortunately we are exposed to more environmental toxins than ever before, and if you eat processed foods, drink soda, load up on stimulants, or eat fast food, then you put a lot more pressure on your digestive system. As a result, it gets clogged, accumulates toxins and puts you in risk of many diseases.

Imagine your bodies natural cleansing systems as a vacuum cleaner. You continue to vacuum up the toxins day after day, and the dust bag becomes full. You can try and vacuum up more dirt (toxins) all you want, but until you clear that dust bag, not much will happen. In fact, it’ll likely make the mess even worse, if the vacuum spews dust back into the air. The more toxic piles the body accumulates, the less efficient it becomes. And the vacuum eventually breaks. Doing a full body cleanse is the equivalent of cleaning that dust bag so your body can do it’s job at peak performance.

We travelled a lot this year and didn’t have a chance to cleanse our bodies as we normally do. That’s why we are going on a 30-day cleanse and revealing our protocol to you.

A good full body cleanse doesn’t have to be complicated or torturous but instead can simply leverage tested and effective natural health and healing principles.

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Remember, together we’re taking our wellness back!

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