Decode Your DNA

(BeWellBuzz) Genetics may seem like something only scientists can really have access to, but one company is offering everyone a chance to see what lies in their DNA. You can learn your genetic ancestry and see what your risk for certain diseases may be by completing a simple at home DNA test and mailing it back to the company for analysis. This gives everyone an opportunity to learn more about their ancestral history as well as make the right decisions towards a healthier future.

While many people may be familiar with at home paternity testing, this type of DNA testing is different in that the information collected by the company is used to build a genetic family tree. Many people find that relatives that they were previously unaware of, and some even find that those thought to be relatives are not actually related by blood. While this can be unsettling for some people, it can also be a help for those who don’t know their genetic ancestry because they were adopted.

The genetic testing offered by 23andme can also tell where your ancestral origins lie. You can see on a map where your ancestors are likely to have come from. This can give people a greater idea of where their ancestors came from and what types of people are likely to be on their family tree. The tests can even give an indication of heritage from as far back as the dawn of mankind. It offers an amazing insight into an ancestral lineage that has never been readily available to everyone before.

Another result that is provided by the testing is an indication of how your genes could affect your health. Some people are genetically predisposed to developing certain illnesses, and by knowing what these are they can take steps to stay healthy. They may be a carrier for certain diseases that could mean that their children could be born with those diseases. Having this knowledge can help parents see if their children could be at risk of having certain diseases before they are even born. Knowing what diseases you and your children are at risk of developing can help you manage your family’s health more effectively.

To collect the DNA simply spit into the test tube. A few milliliters of saliva are all that is required to produce a result. Once the test kit is returned to the labs the DNA will beextracted from the saliva, and it will then be analyzed to obtain the results. The labs are all CLIA certified and results can be expected in 2-3 weeks. 23andme will let you know when the results are available, and you can then view the results on their secure website. They do not send a printed report or convey the results to you by email, but they do keep your information available on their site for you to access any time you want.

For those curious to find out more about their ancestry or see what diseases they may be likely to develop, 23andme is currently offering over 30% discount on their DNA kits which normally sells for $299. The test kit is sent to the customer’s home where the customer must then go online and register the kit using the individual serial numbers on the test tube. Then the genetic material is collected and sent back to the labs for testing. We just ordered our kits and really look forward to the results.

The wealth of information provided by the simple test can be both informative and entertaining, and 23andme provides individuals with easy to understand explanations of their results so that they aren’t overwhelmed by the science behind it. This company gives everyone access to important information regarding their genetic history, and it provides the opportunity to learn about the past and prepare for the future. Your DNA is a time machine. It could reveal an interesting ancestor. Start your Journey Here!

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