Asthma Patients Find Comfort in Bamboo Bedding and Organic Fabrics

bamboo bedding

You know you are likely to develop asthma or other respiratory problems if you have a family history of these conditions. Heredity is one of the major risk factors that lead kids or infants to develop some of the most serious health problems concerning the breathing tract. Fact has it that in the United States alone, around 50 million people suffer from allergies and asthma.

Most people spend one-third of their lives in their beds, which are a haven for dust termites and other allergens. Now, not only are those already suffering from respiratory conditions at risk, but those who aren’t also can develop breathing problems or allergies from these allergens or microbes. The first step towards keeping free from asthma or breathing allergies is understanding what causes them. The following are some of the reasons why allergies and asthma arise:

These are two types of fungi that grow in warm and humid conditions. Your bed definitely provides an environment that is conducive to the growth of allergens and fungi. Therefore, if you use a regular bed and bedding, chances are you will develop allergies or asthma (or both) soon unless you have an unbeatable immune system. Even non-asthmatics can become prone to attacks of breathlessness.

Everyone loves their pets. However, that doesn’t make those people immune to allergies. You know that if you have a pet. Cats and dogs carry allergens around. These spread in the atmosphere and when your pets sit on the bed, these microbes stay there, too.

These are the two most common causes of allergens spreading in and around the house. Because you can’t stop the allergens from growing or settling in your abode once they attack, it is important for you to take precautions to prevent them from settling in.

One of the best ways of keeping them away is bringing home organic bedding like bamboo linen and silk sheets. These two natural comforter varieties promise a healthy life and fight against allergen attacks. This is why everyone, whether prone to allergies or not, should bring home a set of organic comforters.

All in all, organic or eco-friendly bedding like bamboo comforters is the best kind of bedding to purchase. Not only are the designs awesome but the comforters are extremely soft, yet durable. Moreover, since they promise allergen-free nights, they add to your overall health and well-being. Are you ready to make this small change in your life and experience some big changes in your health? By making this bit of change to your bedroom, you are promising your family good health and great life.


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