Chinese Face Mapping And Your Health

chinese face mapping

Traditionally, Chinese face mapping was used to diagnose potential health problems. This post from The Magic of Life highlights how face mapping, “mien shiang,” discovers what your body is fighting with.

Mien Shiang is a diagnostic tool of Chinese Medicine. It’s a 3,000-year-old Taoist practice that means face (mien)reading (shiang). In just moments, you can determine anyone’s Five Element personality type — character, behavior, even health potential — by analyzing their face. (Mien Shiang)

When one of our biggest organs – our skin starts to give certain symptoms, it could point out that also something else in our body does not function well. All of the body imbalances, for which we are often not aware of, will be shown on our face.

Traditional Chinese medicine

The Chinese medicine considers that each part of our body represents certain organs in our body and when problems occur in certain areas, for example, on the beard, it shows us that we have other health problems which need to be solved. Here, we speak about skin imbalance – the appearance of acne, rash, skin sensitivity, inflammation, redness, but also expressed wrinkles and pigmentation.


Bladder, heart and small intestine 

Cause: Too much fat and processed food leads to a slow and heavy-laden digestion. Excessive consommation of alcohol, too much sugar and going to bed late will also disturb the right digestion and cause devastation on Your skin. Stress, dirty hats, too many products for hair care could also be one of the causes.

Treatment: Raw food, great quantities of clean water, alcohol abstinence and plenty of rest and sleep. It is time to clean Your organism, eat healthy raw food and empty “the garbage bin” in Your head.


Cause: As we mentioned above, it points out that Your digestive system works too hard and does not receive enough sleep. You may also be allergic to certain products, such as wheat or meat consomation.

Treatment: It is recommended to take fresh healthy food, fresh air, relaxing exercises such as yoga, fast walking and meditation – it will all be of great help to You.


Cause: Excessive smoking, alcohol, bad lymph flow, possible weak heart. Too much salt, spices, not enough water. Sometimes, too much caffeine could also show some signs on this area.

Treatment: abundance of clean water, less caffeine, sweet drinks and alcohol. Often check if You are enough hydrated all the time.


Cause: Constipation, digestion problems, gases, flatulence and weak circulation. High blood pressure can lead to problems with this area of Your face.

Treatment: Check Your blood pressure so that You are sure that it is acceptable and what should follow are low levels of cholesterol and low fat diets. Organic green tea will help You to throw otut toxins and moderate every day exercises will also improve Your condition.


Cause: Asthma, pollution, smoking, it will all affect this area. It is also the place where the dark circles under the eyes appear.

Treatment: Stay away from polluted air, smog, smoke etc. It is compulsory to increase oxygen entry. If You smoke, stop. Physical activity on fresh air is highly recommended. Stay away from spicy and greasy food.

Lungs and stomach

Cause: Smoking, bad digestion, stomach problems, stress, bad nutrition, too much sugar, possible allergies.

Treatment: Eliminate certain products from Your nutrition and chek if You are using a quality natural cosmetics which is suitable for Your skin. As Your cheeks, touch materials like pillow cases and mobile phones, check if those areas are clean. Women should be careful when doing make-up with their sponges and brushes – You should change and wash them often.

Large intestine

Cause: Food rich in fat, sugar and stimulants like caffeine and alcohol. It is an area which becomes the most affected after eating food in some certain seasons. Staying late at night, like stress, can also lead to hormonal imbalance.

Treatment: A detox diet will help You to clean Your organism and establish balance. Eat a lot of green vegetables and make sure that You drink enough water. If the problems continue, make an appointment with Your doctor about all of the imbalances in Your hormonal composition.

Hormones, gynaecological problems 

Cause: It could mean that Your body is fighting against bacteries, stress, change in Your environment or nutrition, but also a change in Your way of life. It could also be because of ovulation.

Treatment: Keep the area clean and stay out on fresh air as long as You could. Mild exercises like yoga or meditation should also help. Also, pills like Omega 3-6-9 will also help You to balance Your hormones.

Source: Face Mapping “Mien Shiang” Discovers What Is Your Body Fighting With | The Magic of Life

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