Dr. Michael Kiriac’s Quest To Cure Cancer With Algae

The Soviet Union encountered serious problem of cancer epidemics and reduced productivity of their livestock due to integration of small farms into large production centers in 1970s. The problem became so huge that the government had to mandate research centers and universities to conduct researches to solve the issue.

In 1973, Michael Kiriac who graduated from the University of Moldova in Biology and Cellular Nutrition began his research on microalgae. He discovered that they produce a number of nutrients such as minerals, proteins, enzymes and vitamins that have proven to be effective against a host of health problems. His innovative approach to health led to his selection by the Moldova Academy of Sciences for various research projects.

Dr. Kiriac and his team began testing algae on animal species. The results that some Japanese scientists have had with algae such as Chlorella led Dr. Kiriac to investigate other blue green algae such as Spirulina. The team’s experiments on families and strains of algae continued for a number of years and they made considerable progress too but it was not enough to attain their goal of preventing cancer.

By 1978, they had developed hydroponic growing processes and methods; one of them being the use of bioreactors to control and enhance nutrients of micro algae.

These bioreactors housed man made lagoons in which temperature, nutrients and movement could be controlled to protect algae from excess sunlight, airborne pollutants and ocean mercury. These reactors led to the development of a number of processes and techniques to grow algae. By 1984, the team had selected the best algae combination that had extraordinary nutritional value and antioxidants protection. They tested hundreds of algae blends that resulted in prevention of many diseases including cancer. Besides, they also achieved considerable success in increasing animal productivity with species such as chickens with a reasonable progress in the strength and health of the next generation. In 1984, after having tested over 1000 algae species, they achieved such result that was way beyond their imagination. They discovered an algae blend that was able to stop the progress of cancer in all the animal groups.

After completing and validating the concept in 1985, Dr. Kiriac joined the Ministry of Agriculture as the head of the Nutrition Science department on invitation where he was asked to accelerate research that can be applied to livestock. A poultry farm in Moldova was made the research center. Research and housing facilities were established to cater for 600 workers and 200 researchers. The main research facility was surrounded by a number of buildings each housing 75,000 chickens adding upto 1.5 million egg laying chickens in the entire center.

Clear mandate of the center was to:

  • Increase productivity of animals.
  • Be a profitable facility.
  • Prevent diseases including cancer and Marek disease.
  • Be as organic as possible.

The project achieved astounding animal health over the years such as 100% prevention of Marek cancer and nearly half the newly healed animals being able to return to laying eggs without any growth hormone or other artificial means.

The farm’s productivity increased by 20% which was demonstrated by:

  • Larger eggs with strong shells.
  • Increased egg production by 18% every year.
  • Larger and leaner animals.
  • Increase in survival of new born chicks.
  • Increase in egg laying period from 17 to 24 months.

Three other projects showed considerable breakthrough in cancer prevention and increasing productivity. 15,000 dairy cow farms, several mink farms and 54,000 pig’s farms totaling to over 10,000 animals were selected due to recurring cancer breakouts. Cancer and several other diseases were prevented on each of these farms.

Dr. Kiriac kept alive his dream of finding a cure to pancreatic cancer and several other diseases. Even though the mandate of the farms was animal research, he and his team experimented with Bio-algae on themselves and their family and pets and confirmed health benefits too.

As Dr. Kiriac and his team were about to graduate to higher trials in 1986, Soviet Union experienced one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has ever seen. The Chernobyl nuclear explosion left at least 146,000 adults and 160,000 children victims of nuclear poisoning which subsequently led to immediate deaths, birth defects, thyroid diseases, leukemia and degeneration of liver and bone marrow besides several other diseases. Since he had achieved considerable progress in his work, Soviet government allowed him to work with Health Ministry of Ukraine to assist some victims of radiation. Bio-Algae proved beneficial to many such victims.

This resulted in:

  • Leukemia cases attaining normal cell count in less than three weeks.
  • Regeneration of blood, spinal fluid, liver and bone marrow.
  • Reduction in radioactivity of children’s urine levels by half in 20 days.

A number of recoveries were made that showed renewed health and resilience in children. Many of them are just alive due to Bio-Algae concentrates.

In the year 1995, following the disintegration of Soviet Union, Moldova’s economy dropped to the lowest ever. Dr. Kiriac accepted an offer to move to Canada on assistance and short after realized that Americans were plagued with several diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, obesity and many cancers that he had not seen much in Eastern Europe. He discovered that the cause of those diseases was addiction to sugar, alcohol and fast foods besides stress, pollution, poor nutrition habits and the processes their food was subjected to. He brought Bio-Algae concentrates to Canada in 1997 to assist people with these ailments.

Dr. Kiriac is currently working with other health practitioners. His Bio-Algae concentrates are grown under strict quality assurance and advanced technologies. They have also been certified by the Health Canada Natural Product Program.

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