Two Feathers Herbal Cancer Treatment Proven To Work

You don’t have to opt-in for poisoning your body with chemotherapy and radiation. There are other ways. Discover one of them by listening to our interview with Susan Hall and Robert Roy. Susan shares her powerful cancer healing story with Two Feathers Healing Formula.

Robert Roy has brought this unique formula to the United States. This herbal remedy is like a time capsule sent to us from a distant past when knowledge was more of the spirit than of the intellect. There is a great sincerity and respect for this healing formula at every stage of its preparation. Those who handle the compound, feel blessed to be a part of an age-old rite that is indeed very special. Still produced in the original Native American manner, each herb is cured in smoke ovens and mixed in wooden bowls. Metal is never allowed to touch the formula as it would destabilize the electrolysis process provided by the components in the compound.

SusanHallfront_coverCheck out Susan Hall’s book here  (would make a great gift to someone who is dealing with this dis-ease)

To learn more about and to order Two Feathers Healing Formula, go here – (make sure to mention that you saw this interview on BeWellBuzz 🙂

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