Reality Check: A Poetic Reminder Of What’s REALLY Important!

Why I Think The World Should End!

Found this video last week and it was too good not to share. The message resonated strongly because in a lot of ways it’s a reality check! The articulation of deep truth is so needed right now, it’s a reminder of what’s important. Please share it and remind others because the message can brighten someones day and inspire a new beginning!

About Prince EA

Born and raised on the North Side of St. Louis Missouri, twenty-four year old rapper Prince Ea has a sound unlike most artists coming out from the Midwest. Possessing a great song writing ability and stage presence, he combines both creative and thought-provoking songs that neatly tie-in humor, wit, passion, and hard hitting punch-lines.

From his YouTube videos, which have garnered over thirteen million hits, Prince Ea has developed a loyal fan base. His video entitled “Amazing Nerd Rapper Pwns Bullies” features him free-styling following an interview at popular radio station HOT 104.1 in St. Louis MO. Via YouTube, the video received over 300,000 hits in seven days. Along with Prince Ea’s internet success, he has also been featured in both national and local publications. In 2009 VIBE Magazine declared him Vibe Verses Grand Champion and he received a full page article in Vibe’s June 2009 edition. That same year, Prince Ea went on to found and form an organization called “Make SMART Cool” (SMART being an acronym for Sophisticating Millions and Revolutionizing Thought). The organization seeks to promote positive social change in various concrete ways from speaking at schools, organizing community events, benefit performances, partnering with community organizations and setting up educational mentorship programs.

Prince Ea was also featured in the 2010 December issue of DISCOVER magazine for his academically provocative single “The Brain,” where he was dubbed “The King of brainy hip-hop.” In 2011, Prince Ea graduated Summa Cum Laude from a full scholarship at the University of Missouri St. Louis, with his BA in Anthropology. In late 2011 Prince Ea released his “Backwards Rappers” video, which reached 350,000 views in just four days. The video was picked up by the Huffington Post, CBS, FOX, Yahoo Music and was ranked number 1 on content aggregator sites such as Reddit. 2012 saw Prince Ea releasing a track, and project, called “Smoking Weed with the President.” As a promo video it was lauded and tweeted by famous advocates such as Joe Rogan and Black Sabbath, to name a few. It was also featured on FOX news and has been showcased on CBS, Yahoo! Music, The Huffington Post, High Times magazine, and other notable media outlets.

As Prince Ea continues to make strides in education and the music industry, one thing is for certain— he is a rising star and definitely someone to look out for in the near future.

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