How To Radically Transform Your Meals With a Single Ingredient

In 1986, Mark Bitterman sat in the hole-in-the-wall restaurant in France staring dumbfounded at his steak. Firm in texture, it was absolutely superb! Each bite hit the taste buds with layers of richness and complexity – much like a fine wine. Quite simply, it was the best steak he’d ever tasted. Being a lover of good food and good eating, Mark just HAD to find out what made it taste so delicious.

The secret, he found out wasn’t the type of steak. It wasn’t a complex or technical method of grilling. It wasn’t even any special expertise from the chef. No, the secret, Mark discovered… was salt!

It turns out… if you have the right kind of salt, you can utterly transform  your food.

But what’s the “right kind” of salt? How do you use it properly? And why does it make such a difference to your food?

Mark Bitterman is the one to answer these questions and dispel common myths about salt.

Mark is an award winning speaker, author, and expert on culinary salt. His bestselling book “Salted: A Manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral” won the 2011 James Beard Award for Scholarship and Reference.

Mark regularly lectures at culinary schools such as the French Culinary Institute, the Institute of Culinary Education, and Le Cordon Bleu. And he’s been featured in a range of media, including The New York Times, The Atlantic, Rachael Ray, Wine Spectator, Esquire, All Things Considered, CBS News, ABC News, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.

His specialty store, The Meadow, carries the largest selection of artisan salt and cocktail bitters in the world – along with a curated selection of fine chocolate bars.

In this exclusive interview Mark Bitterman shares…

  • How a single steak dinner in France transformed the way Mark saw and appreciated food… And, how you can use “sel gris” salts to similarly create “the best steak you’ve ever tasted”.
  • The sad truth about 99% of mass-market salts. And, what kind of salt you should get instead.
  • Out of over 1000 varieties of artisan salt, Mark reveals his three go-to salts for turning everyday cooking into a magical  experience.
  • Have you ever had vegetables that were bland and unappetizing? Learn how you can use “flake salts” to add a bright, crispy snap to almost any veggie dish.
  • The “cheater’s method” for adding salt to a dish. This shortcut guarantees your food has the perfect amount of salt to radically improve the flavor… Every. Single. Time.
  • The convoluted and ILLOGICAL statistics that so-called “health researchers” use to claim that salt supposedly increases your blood pressure.
  • And… how NOT getting enough salt in your diet can actually raise your blood pressure (and causes countless other dangerous side effects).
  • What health experts like the head of a surgery department in Oklahoma City and the head of nephrology at Oregon Health & Science University line up to tell Mark after he gives a lecture on salt (hint… they NEVER recommend a low-salt diet).
  • How the artisan salt revolution is going mainstream… and how you can join in.

To learn this and more, listen to the interview below.

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