Ketosis & Grocery Induced Diabetes?

Ever have an “WTF” moment that you just had to share?

Well… I’m coaching Larry and Oksana through nutrition ketosis and decided to do it as well.

So while I was at the supermarket getting the necessary goods, I saw something that inspired me to make a video.

In case you don’t know what nutritional ketosis is, it’s a diet consisting of primarily healthy fats (about 70-80% of consumed calories), low carb, and moderate protein. No sugar is consumed during this diet.

When you enter nutritional ketosis the liver creates a substance called ketone bodies. Your body is able to adapt and use them as energy instead of glucose. As a matter of fact research has shown that your heart and kidneys prefer to use ketones instead of glucose for energy.

When the ketone bodies are produced more than the body can use them it accumulates in the blood and you enter a state called ketosis.

The benefits of a ketosis are broad and I will get more in depth on this topic in another post. One of the benefits as mentioned in the video is reversing type 2 diabetes!

The point of this video and article is to show you a glimpse at how many are lured into dangerous “cures”. We must pay attention to and navigate around these dangerous health mines. I’m here to help you navigate around them so stick with me.

I’ll be sharing much more soon, including how I feel about the flu shot – you don’t wanna miss this one!

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