My Great Day Starts In A Great Way

great day

When that horrific blast comes peeling through into our dreams so early in the morning, as I see it we have two options!  We can crush the thing, hoping for another 10-minute snooze, and mumble “Good Lord! – It’s morning” or, with a cheery smile, we can say, “Good morning Lord!” Getting out of bed “on the right side” seems to set up the attitude of our day and, in fact, the kind of day we will have. In reality, it doesn’t matter which side of the bed we get out of physically, but it really does matter mentally. Having morning “rituals” that give you a positive start for the day are the best way to achieve a positive energy flow that remains for the rest of the day. Here are a few I have found to create a stress free day.

1. Get up a few minutes early

My husband was raised on a diary farm and it would appear this habit of rising early in the morning has many benefits. The quiet stillness of the morning allows you to hear the birds singing and is a great way to establish clear thinking.

Rising early gives you time to do a few jobs before you leave the house, which relieves some of the pressures when you get home. Simple things such as pulling up the bed and clearing the dishes from the sink make your return home so much more pleasurable because those basic tasks are done.

2.  Stretching.

Just a couple of minutes stretching gets the blood moving to your brain. This helps you think more clearly and feel more relaxed. Exercising regularly boosts our self-confidence and improves our health. I often find the solution needed for the challenges of the day can come during the early morning exercise routine.

3. Quiet time

Reading from a positive book for just 10 minutes can set the mind into a creative and peaceful position. What you call it – “meditation,” “reflection,” “prayer” or “quiet time” isn’t important, but rather what you fill your mind with. Taking these few moments each morning gives you an opportunity to eliminate those concerns that would otherwise bring tightened muscles and a furrowed brow, bringing peace and calm instead. Just as feeding your body healthy food is important for well being, reading from a positive book feeds the mind and gives the foundations for healthy thoughts to grow. It is the rain for the soil of the soul, which brings nourishment to an otherwise parched being.

4. Count Your Blessings

It isn’t necessarily all the big things that bring a song, but rather all the little things that are so easy to take for granted. I like to make a gratitude list. It includes things such as: I have eyes to see the heavy mist in the valley and observe the morning dew heavy on the flower petals. I have ears to hear the kookaburra singing. I can feel the crispness and purity of the fresh morning air. In our busyness and our goal setting and planning for more, bigger and better, it is so easy to lose sight of the small things and the people who are already a precious part of our life. I appreciate our amazing country where we are free to be all that we choose to be. Taking a moment to stop and say “Thank you” reminds me I was supposed to die all those years ago. Often we simply take those blessings for granted.

5. Today is a new day

Yesterday is gone–it is now the past, so leave all the stuff from yesterday there. You wouldn’t dream of going through your garbage bin on a daily basis so don’t take yesterday’s garbage and go through it again. Nothing you can do today can change what you did or didn’t do yesterday. Yesterday is past; tomorrow isn’t here yet. Worry about tomorrow will not add a blessing–it only takes from today.

Simple. Easy to do and also easy not to do. So, rather than stumbling out of bed after hitting the snooze button several times, dashing to get dressed, being upset because I am running late, skipping breakfast and getting stressed in traffic as I aggressively drive to get to work on time, I choose to embrace my great day routine. I have a happier, less stressed day. I recommend it.

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