New Technology Reprograms The Operating System Of Your Mind

Before I tell you about the technology it’s important we lay some groundwork and understand the mind.

Let me ask you some questions…

Are you trying to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome bad habits, get healthier but keep failing?

Have you tried many self help strategies like the law of attraction or visualizing, but they just don’t seem to work?

There’s a scientific reason why most fail, it’s not your fault! (but there’s something you can do to create success)

A recent article by the highly regarded Scientific American explains:

“Our Unconscious Mind… It exerts a profound influence: shaping decisions, molding behavior – and running our lives.” – Scientific American, Jan 2014

In this article you will discover the key to making self help tools work, and how to prevent self sabotage and reach your goals, lies deep in your unconscious mind.

“You have a mind, and you should learn how to use it. There are two levels of your mind—the conscious or rational level, and the subconscious or irrational level. You think with your conscious mind, and whatever you habitually think sinks down into your subconscious mind, which creates according to the nature of your thoughts. Your subconscious mind is the seat of your emotions and is the creative mind. If you think good, good will follow; if you think evil, evil will follow. This is the way your mind works.“ Dr Joseph Murphy ( Considered by many top trainers as ‘The Father Of Personal Development’)

How Your Mind Works…

Your one mind is composed of two separate systems, the conscious mind that is rational and your subconscious mind, which is irrational.

Your conscious mind is responsible for DECISION making, such as what book to read, what music to listen to and what partner to fall in love with.

On the other hand the beating of your heart, your digestive functions, your breathing and circulation are all under the control of your subconscious completely independent of your conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind also carries out your hardwired HABITS. A reflection of this would be when you are driving home from work, have you ever reached home and had the feeling, I just can’t remember the journey here?

This is because you have repeated that same journey so many times that the activity of driving home has been hard wired into your subconscious and this takes over, meaning you are no longer consciously aware of the journey.

It is the same principle of learning to ride a bike for the first time, you have to concentrate like crazy, but after a lot of practice, the process becomes completely NATURAL and you rarely forget how to do it.

This is because the thought process involved in riding a bike has been hard wired into your subconscious mind.

An important point to remember is that your subconscious mind does NOT get involved with determining whether your thoughts are good or bad, true or false.

It responds according to the NATURE of your thoughts or suggestions.

If you consciously assume something to be true, even though it may be completely false, your subconscious mind will accept it as true and proceed to bring about the consequences of your action.

Most peoples thought patterns go something like this…

Conscious Mind: “I want more money”

Subconscious Mind: “But people wont like me, money is evil, its too much hard work and stress!”

Request cancelled, initiate the self-­‐sabotage sequence Conscious Mind: “I want to lose weight!”

Subconscious Mind: “Are you kidding? I love chocolates! I am fat and always will be!”

Request cancelled, initiate the self-­sabotage sequence.

We self sabotage the things we really want out of life, because hard wired in our subconscious are old patterns of thinking that are usually built upon false beliefs.

This is the same reason smokers continue to smoke, even though consciously they are aware it is doing more harm than good.

This is because the habit of smoking has become hard wired into their subconscious minds.

At one point in their life, they consciously accepted that smoking was ok.

Over time that repetitive action turns into a habit that becomes ingrained into their subconscious mind.

If you know a smoker, or are one yourself, I am sure you have noticed how they can flip out a packet, light up and continue talking without much thought required in the process.

A non smoker on the other hand would probably have to stop the conversation and think about every step required in lighting up a cigarette for the first time, not to mention the inner battle going on in their conscious thoughts deciding whether this is the right thing to do! This is because smoking has become a subconscious habit for the smoker that no longer requires any conscious thought.

If you did not have a subconscious part to your mind, your conscious mind would be overwhelmed looking after all the various functions of the body, having to protect you from any incoming danger and also come up with new creative ideas.

So the separation of your mind into two parts was a very necessary thing in the evolution of the brain.

Your conscious mind acts like a “watchman at the gate” and its chief function is to PROTECT your subconscious mind from FALSE impressions. This way you can create constructive and harmonious habits to provide an easy, joyful and vibrant life.

This actually means that your subconscious mind can be programmed or reprogrammed where necessary.

The hardwired negative habitual thinking can actually be replaced by more constructive thoughts.

If you imagine your subconscious mind as an operating system on a biocomputer, you can reprogram the disk and start again with a far superior operating system.

This is made possible by the amazing power of SUGGESTION, and it is this process that holds the secret to unlocking your infinite subconscious mind power.

How To Reprogram Your Mind For Automatic Life Success.

Your mind has been shown scientifically to operate at different brainwaves or trance states.

The Alpha brainwave state is your most natural state, however this state can still leave your irrational unconscious mind vulnerable to the power of suggestion.

Magicians, hypnotists, and even big corporations take advantage of this alpha state.

As soon as you begin to read descriptive words, like the kind you find on adverts, or watch moving images on the T.V, or even listen to someone telling you an interesting story, your mind begins to flow into a trance state.

In fact your T.V is probably the most powerful trance producer you will find.

Every T.V show is strategically programmed and each advert is cleverly designed by the worlds best advertising companies to get you to buy their stuff, that you probably don’t really need.

Have a think about this…

How much of your life is actually the result of an external influence?

How many of your own life decisions are based on advice from others, things you read, the TV and adverts you watch?

You are literally being hypnotized every single day by outside forces, some good, but some very dark.

Unless you can take control of your trance states, you will always be the potential victim of mind control.

Even your close friends, family, and work mates and people of the opposite sex that you may be trying to attract, are mind controlling you in some way, everyday.

You can easily become a product of your environment, but if you learn to take back control of your mind, you can create your perfect environment.

The reason why self help tools like affirmations and the law of attraction often do not work is because you have to change the story you tell yourself that lies deep within your unconscious mind.

Reprogram Your Mind With The Merging Of Hypnosis & Soundwave Technology

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I think they may have created what I believe in my experience of developing mind tools, quite possibly the most powerful hypnosis audio technology of its kind called Trypnosis.

The reason why self help tools like affirmations and the law of attraction do not work is because you have to go deeper and change the story you tell yourself.

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