Message From Spirit – Trust


Who do you trust? Do you trust others? Do you trust yourself? When you picture yourself, do you see yourself as trustworthy?
In this world of violence, road rage, home invasions, terrorist attacks, identity theft, stealing, etc., there is a lot to fear! How do you live with a sense of security and the feeling that you are okay?

Know you have a connection to The Divine. Ask to be protected and trust it is so! Go about your business and be in harmony with the world. When you are in harmony, you attract harmonious situations.
This may be a hard concept to understand for some, but one which can be practiced. Fear begets fear, so by being fearful you are contributing to the fear around you. Learn to trust!

In your family situation, make a special effort to trust your family members. It will give them more confidence and trust in self. Create opportunities for them to show you they can be trusted. It is a good foundation for good relationships.
When faced with any type of situation, do you trust yourself to be the best you can be? Can you keep a secret? Do you trust in your abilities? What can you do to improve trust in self?

Start by seeing the love you have for yourself and focus on your good points. Look at past situations and how you have handled them. Work on low self-esteem issues. Create affirmations to suit you. “I am trustworthy.” “I trust myself.”, etc.

With confidence in self you can confront the world with ease. Knowing you have a connection to The Divine gives you freedom to be who you really are! Enjoy your world, trusting in that world and trusting in yourself!

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