What To Do If Fat Loss Has Stopped (most do NOT do this)

Have you ever wondered about curious things that happen with astronauts in space?

They lose muscle. LOTS of muscle… FAST.

Why? Because in space there is no gravity to trigger muscle contraction. Your body doesn’t receive a signal that tells it to use muscle. The EXACT same thing happens as we get older. Around the age of 30, your muscle morphs into fat at about 1 pound per year. And it accelerates as you get older.

That means you can be the SAME weight but your body composition will be made up of more fat and less muscle, leading to that soft “doughy”, squishy look (think Pillsbury Doughboy). Just like astronauts, you aren’t sending the appropriate signal to your metabolism. Yet this time it’s NOT because of gravity…

So what’s the main reason with fat loss stop button? It’s all to do with a very common mistake we all make. To correct this mistake, to maintain lean muscle, keep off that squishy fat and to re-shape your body, you need to send a different signal. I’ll show you how to do that in just a sec.

Your #1 Most Important Metabolic Organ Is…

Your muscle is a very active organ on its own – in fact, it’s the most active metabolic organ you have. It determines how much fat you burn much more so than your thyroid or adrenal glands, which are typically thought of as your most important metabolic organs. That’s why losing muscle mass is so devastating to your body composition and waistline – it literally snuffs out your fat burning capacity while cranking up your fat making machinery.

This explains why as you age it’s so difficult to burn fat – and why you seem to keep getting fatter even if you aren’t changing what you eat.

Greedy Fat Cells and Needy Power Plants

The problem all starts with your fat cells – they are programmed to be VERY greedy. If fuel (glucose or fatty acids) is available, they’ll suck it in and turn it into fat at an alarming rate. No matter what’s going on with your body, they’re ALWAYS looking to haul in MORE fat.

Muscle cells, on the other hand, are more selective. They only suck in fuel when it’s needed. And it’s only needed when you are moving. That’s what sends the signal to your body to keep or build muscle. But because we all move less as we age, our muscle cells use less fuel. And that’s the mistake we all make that signals to your body that muscles are no longer needed, so they begin to waste away. That makes more fuel available to those greedy fat cells to suck in and convert to body fat.

So the less movement you do, the less muscle you have, the less fuel it uses, the more fuel is available to fat cells, the larger they become and the fatter you get.

The Simple Answer to Age-Related Fat Gain

The answer to stopping age-related muscle loss and fat gain is EASY and it’s something that any of us can do. Just send the correct signal to your body to say “maintain muscle and burn fat”.

How? By moving. But ONLY in the optimal metabolic way.

Doing the right movements spikes your metabolic rate, rebuilds muscle and burns fat for energy in 3 steps:

  • Step #1: The right metabolic movements drive sugar (glucose) and fat (fatty acids) into your muscle cells to be used as fuel. This prevents your fat cells from sucking it in and turning it into fat.
  • Step #2: Once the fuel gets into your muscle cells, it needs to be burned or it’ll just get sucked back into your fat cells. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are doing the RIGHT type of movement – one that builds more of your fuel-burning furnaces called mitochondria.
  • Step #3: You need to consistently repeat these movements over time – that’s when the magic happens. You’ll create new lean, toned muscle mass, which sucks in even more fuel to be burned, prevents your fat cells from getting fatter and gives you tons of energy.

Put simply, you’ll end up with a permanently HIGHER metabolic rate, a permanently LOWER level of body fat and permanently elevated level of energy.

That’s why I highly recommend everyone to investigate these powerful metabolic movements that take each of these 3 crucial steps.

What I like best about these is that anybody can do them at any age. And they are fast – REALLY fast – as in 45 seconds each.

==> Fight Age-Related Fat Gain and Boost Metabolic Rate with This

Remember, just because you are older, it doesn’t mean you are doomed to have a slow metabolism, low energy or uncontrollable fat gain. The key is to get moving, but by using the right metabolic movements that unleash your full fat burning and muscle shaping potential as explained here.

It’s not just your muscle that degrades when you aren’t moving properly. Your organs and glands decrease in function, your blood flow slows, your joints, tendons and ligaments weaken and more. That’s when bad things start to happen.

Start now as it’s NEVER too late. You just need to send the right signal to your body.

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