11 Health Benefits Of Coriander You Must Know About!


Coriander, also known as Cilantro, is a natural herb used extensively as decoration, garnish or condiment for many culinary dishes. With its pleasant aroma it has a particularly palate inducing effect.

Its culinary usage is only a small piece of its wow factor however. Many people are unaware that coriander is a pocket rocket of health benefits in a small package growing in their backyards. To talk botanical make up, it has eleven constituents of essential oils, six acid types including ascorbic acid commonly called vitamin C, and a myriad of other minerals and vitamins each having great health benefits.

Coriander seeds oil is another great way to reap all those amazing health benefits.

1. Removes heavy metals

Coriander contains anti-bacterial compounds which protect against food poisoning as well as its healing compounds act as a means of natural detoxification with regards to toxic heavy metal in the blood.

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium are consumed or absorbed from the environment and are extremely toxic to the human body. These lead to deterioration of neurological functions. The compounds in coriander work alongside the detoxifying organs such as the kidney and the liver to help to remove these toxic metals from the brain and nervous system.

coriander-oil2. Reduces skin inflammation and disorders

Linoleic acid and the essential oil Cineole contained in coriander both have anti-rheumatic as well as anti-arthritic properties. These help to reduce inflammation caused by these two conditions. Swelling conditions associated with anaemia and kidney malfunction have also been found to be alleviated by the use of coriander as to it induces urination to aid in the release of excess water from the body. Reduction in inflammation reduces discomfort and improves skin appearance.

Coriander has detoxifying, anti-fungal, antioxidant and antiseptic properties and as a result helps to clear skin disorders including but not limited to eczema, fungal infections and dryness.

3. Helps to lower cholesterol levels

The palmitic, oleic, linoleic, ascorbic and stearic acid contained in coriander have all been proven to lower bad cholesterol deposits in the inner walls of arteries and veins. A build-up of bad cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular ailments such as arthrosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. These are all possible ailments offset by the fact that coriander increases the healthy cholesterol wins inherently acts as a preventative method.

4. Stops diarrhea

Coriander contains borneol and linalool which are aids in digestion and the proper functioning of the bonding of the bowels and liver, resulting in reduction of the diarrhea caused by fungal or microbial actions. It is also effective and becoming increasingly popular in the use for preventing nausea, vomiting or other stomach disorders.

5. Helps to control blood pressure

The chemical interaction of Calcium ions and a neurotransmitter called cholinergic helps to relax blood vessel tension, thus, reducing blood pressure in hypertension and the risk of cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks and strokes.

6. Used to get rid of mouth ulcers

Citronellol another one of the essential oils found in coriander is an excellent antiseptic. These properties along with other components which have antimicrobial and healing effects prevent ulcers and wounds from worsening. These also help to freshen breath and though it is not yet commonly used in the more mainstream toothpaste products coriander is a component used in antiseptics of a more organic nature.

7. Has anti-allergenic properties

Studies have proven that fresh coriander and coriander seed oil have significant anti-histamine applications and is particularly effective at relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies as well as hay fever.

Coriander oil is also potent against contact dermatitis and other skin allergies for the same reason it works so well for skin inflammations. Taken orally it can ward off anaphylaxis and swelling of the throat and glands. The constant presence of coriander in the blood acts as a sort of protection against allergies, so it cannot hurt to use it when cooking.

8. Improves bone health

Coriander is rich in calcium and so helps to strengthen the integrity of your bones as well as prevents bone degradation most commonly associated with degenerative diseases like osteoporosis.

Tip: Calcium is heavily present in the center leaves of the coriander plant.

9. Prevention and cure of smallpox 

The essential oils in coriander are like a medical magic pill rich in anti-infectious and detoxifying components and acids. The presence of vitamin C and iron strengthens the immune system which in turn prevents and helps to cure smallpox.

10. Regulates the menstrual cycle and blood sugar

The natural stimulant in coriander helps to regulate the secretion of hormones from the endocrine glands. A regulated secretion means that the menstrual cycle will follow a regular process and the pain felt with menstrual cramps is reduced.

This same endocrine regulation also helps to regulate the secretion of insulin from the pancreas which helps to ensure the proper absorption of sugar thus lowering the level of sugar in blood. A particularly beneficial process for those suffering from diabetes.

11. Supports eye health and gets rid of conjunctivitis

Loaded with anti-oxidants, Vitamin A and C as well as minerals such as phosphorous in its essential oils, coriander helps to prevent vision irregularities and degeneration. It also works to reduce stress and strain of the eyes while the beta-carotene in its leaves help to prevent and reverse a number of other diseases that occur specifically in aging patients.

The essential oils in coriander along with the acids and vitamins makes a cocktail of natural medicine just waiting to set the body right. Before coriander was even used as a culinary condiment, people would chew on its seeds to garner the same benefits, now that it has become a more widely known organic medicine it benefits are being explored.

Two things to bear in mind however are:

  • Patients have reported a degree of sunlight sensitivity with the taking of coriander, leaving there more susceptible to sunburn.
  • Some pregnant women claim an increase in breast milk flow however, so could be great if you don’t produce enough milk.

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