5 Best Detox Teas You Should Try Now

5 Best Detox Teas

We all decide to detox for different reasons. Some people want to shed a few extra pounds; others want to cleanse their body of toxins. Others just want to feel less bloated and boost their energy. No matter what your reason for detoxing, there is a suitable detox tea on the market with a blend of helpful herbs meant to promote your well-being.

Best detox teas: cleansing herbsDespite what the celebrity posts might suggest, a 28-day herbal tea detox is not the miracle pill to transform you into a supermodel. Especially for people looking to lose weight, a detox tea is a supplement to help you on a transformative journey. Weight loss has no “cheat code;” it requires hard work, diet, and exercise to see real change. With that in mind, a detox tea can help reset your metabolism, cleanse your body of harmful toxins, and boost your energy.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Detox Tea

Not all detox teas are created equal. Just because a celebrity tells you to drink their supposedly favorite brand of tea doesn’t mean it’s good for you. In fact, a lot of the detox teas currently on the market rely a bit too heavily on celebrity endorsement and not enough on scientific facts.

Best detox teas: choosing detox teaBefore undergoing a tea detox, be sure to investigate your product thoroughly. What do the reviews say? What are the ingredients? Because your body is a temple, you need to ensure what you’re putting into it is also worthy of worship.

Some ingredients are more problematic than others. While they may sit well with some people, they can have adverse side effects for others. Know what you are getting into before starting your herbal tea detox.


A common suggestion for many detoxes is to drink a cup of tea in the morning before you work out. Typically these teas contain caffeine and give people an added morning boost. Stimulants such as green and black teas also help suppress appetite, which can have added benefits.

However, caffeine is seriously problematic for some people. Even drinking a cup of tea at 11 a.m. can lead to a disrupted night’s sleep for some people. When choosing your next detox tea, be sure to understand your own relationship to caffeine and how it might play out when following the detox tea regimen.


This herb is a common and relatively safe detoxifying ingredient when taken over short periods of time. It cleanses the body by promoting bowel movements. While safe for use in small quantities, for short periods, long-term use can cause some digestive side effects. If you have begun running to the bathroom and lack complete control of your bowel movements, you may want to reduce the amount of tea you drink. Long-term side effects of senna (and other laxatives) can lead to chronic diarrhea, dehydration, digestive issues, and inflammation.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is one of many possible herbal diuretics common in detoxing teas. Diuretics help flush the body of excess water. It’s one way that detox teas reduce bloating and help people drop excess weight. It’s important to know the difference between shedding water weight and shedding pounds. Without any change in diet and exercise, you likely only are losing water weight.

With the holiday season just around the corner, these healthy detox tea options will definitely come handy. Check out our 5 favorites. 

Top 5 Healthy Detox Teas

best detox teas: healthy detox teas1. Gaia Herbs Detox Tea

Gaia Herbs cares so much about what you put into your body that they pay attention to every detail. According to the company, “Our respect for this ancient practice is reflected in the quality of our herbs and in tea bags which use no staples or glue.” Their Cleanse and Detox Tea contains many common detoxifying herbs, such as burdock root, peppermint, and fennel.  This detox tea explicitly supports liver function, which is essential to everyday health and well-being.

2. Yogi Detox Teas

This is a detox tea with no caffeine, making it perfect to drink before bed. Yogi Teas aims to “support healthy balance from within,” which means curating detox teas with gentle, soothing cleansers. Yogi Detox Tea contains ginger, burdock, and dandelion root, as well as delicious flavorings, such as cloves, cardamom, and black pepper.

3. Pukka Detox Tea

A tea company that truly cares about what goes into each and every tea bag. All their products are organic and ethically sourced,  plus the detox tea is caffeine-free. The main ingredients in their detox lineup are meant to help “Shrug off the old and embrace the new. Detox is a tea to usher in new beginnings.” A spicier lineup of herbs, such as cardamom, licorice, fennel, and anise seed make this a delicious addition to any detox plan.

4. Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox

A very gentle and safe daily detoxing tea. When taken in moderation, all the herbs contained in the special recipe are safe for long-term use (under most circumstances, check with your doctor). The folks at Traditional Medicinals have carefully selected herbs that will promote healthy kidney and liver function. Their detox tea offers the benefits of dandelion root, because, “Sometimes we all need a little support from an old friend.”

5. SkinnyMint Teatox

A detox tea that comes in two parts, one specifically created for morning time stimulation and another for night time relaxation. SkinnyMint is one of the few companies that uses the ingredients to their full potential.

The Morning Boost contains potent and stimulating herbs, such as green tea, yerba mate, and guarana. According to SkinnyMint, their nighttime formulation “is designed to naturally purify the body, which could lead to reduced bloating.” This gentle herbal recipe focuses on relaxation and soothing ingredients, such as lemongrass, ginger, and orange leaves.

Because we all can benefit from a little more ginger in our diet, learn more about how to incorporate it right here.

Remember It’s All About The Ingredients!

Before jumping into the next detox tea cleanse head first, turn the box over and read about the ingredients. Don’t assume everything you see on social media is true because a detox tea plan only can take you so far on your weight loss journey. However, it is true that many of the herbs found in cleansing teas can be very beneficial in other ways. Many teas are an excellent complement to a complete wellness plan, which includes both diet and exercise.













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