The Inner Knowing

Life is full of life changing and inspirational moments. I am hoping your life has changed for the better now that you are listening to your inner voice. Do you feel empowered to move into a different direction guided by your inner knowing?

Today, as promised, I am going to share with you my story of how I listened to a voice that saved my life, my husband’s life and the life of my very young cousin.

Early in my marriage, when I was only 22 years of age, my husband and I lived on an average suburban street. We rented half a house, which consisted of a large front bedroom, a lounge, a second bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom/toilet off the kitchen. These rooms were all situated down one side of the house.

My uncle had just died and we were asked to care of my four-year-old cousin for the night. We made a bed for her close to us in the lounge. We were all tucked in for the night when I decided to make one last trip to the bathroom. After washing my hands a voice in my head said “Wash your hands again!” Why would I want to do that?? This was the pivotal moment! To wash or not to wash!!

Luckily, I decided to listen to that voice. I turned on the tap for a second time, but water didn’t come out as expected! Black dots just spurted all over the basin! What was going on? I summoned my husband who went outside to investigate.

The house we lived in was quite old. The hot water service was an old gas setup with a pilot light. It was situated on the outside wall of the bathroom. Normally, when the hot water is turned on, the pilot light ignites and more jets come on to heat the water. The first time I washed my hands the heater hadn’t returned to the pilot light. There was no water running, but the jets were still firing. As a result, the  wall  caught fire!!

Of course, my husband put the fire out, but if I had not listened to that voice, I hate to think what would have happened. It was a weatherboard house! I have only recently confessed to my cousin about her lucky escape from potential danger.

This experience just verifies the importance of listening to your hunches, inner knowings or that voice within. As you can see from my experience, the trust you have in yourself can lead your life into a different direction. Remember you are worthy and you are worth trusting. Trust yourself always.

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