When Gratitude Controls Your Day

Take control of your day…
Giving thanks should not be a stranger to us. It ‘should’ be the norm. But “should’s” are something I have come to understand bring judgment, excuses and justification for why we didn’t do what we “should” have done.

When we learn to find the good in every situation and give thanks, our life can take on a whole new meaning. We can look for the lesson in the events and it can change our perception of things. If we look for the bad, for sure we can find it in plentiful supply. On the other hand, Dennis Waitly taught us to look for the ‘seed’ of greatness. Often that is all it is, a seed, and we need to plant it, water it and fertilize it so it can grow. Finding the good in each situation has helped me on many occasions to rise above the enormity of the negative situation and look with purpose for good. ‘Behind every rain cloud there is a silver lining’ was a saying often used in our home. Being grateful, giving thanks,
starting each day with a gratitude journal is a wonderful way to kick-start the day. Look for things to appreciate, find the small little thing, the seed you can water.

It’s a matter of simply being grateful that you woke up, that you have a roof over your head, that you have a bed to sleep in, that you have hot water, that you can make a cup of coffee, that you have food to eat, that you have a job to go to, that you have people in your life, that you have people who need you, that you are healthy, that you have medication, that you have transport, that you can read, that you have eyes to see. There are so many things others don’t have. When you watch the news, you see so much to be grateful for. We are safe and we live in a wonderful country, some people don’t have that privilege.

I love it when our grandkids get together and we play a game called “I appreciate you because….” Each person goes around the dinner table acknowledging each person with their own comments. It builds relationships along with self-esteem, each child waiting to see what someone will say about them.

I remember once being interviewed on a talk back show saying I had changed my perspective about waking up in the night and getting out of a warm bed to use the bathroom. Instead of being annoyed that my bladder was calling, I decided to be grateful that my kidneys were working because some people are on dialysis. I decided to actually say to my kidneys, ‘Thanks for being healthy and eliminating the toxins from my body’. I found when I changed what said, I could go straight back to sleep when I crawled back into my warm bed. It was another thing to be grateful for. And the lists goes on. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

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