The Passion Prescription

My husband and I are on a mission to evolve our current medical model to one that appreciates and supports the body’s ability to heal itself. What we’ve found is our desire to move forward with this message; impacting patients, doctors, and even the media, has been fraught with resistance. However, unlike most people, instead of going slowly or backing off to stay comfortable, we’ve found ways to release that discomfort and soar! What’s been happening is unfathomable!

After traveling for six days on five flights, and six hours of driving to seven cities, one would think we’d be exhausted. We are exhilarated! It’s amazing how much work we’ve done, how easily we are creating things, and how fluidly things are happening. We’ve met incredible business affiliates, clients and TV producers, all who have added to our own energy and inspiration. None of this is because of our brilliance or special talent. It’s because we’ve tapped into our passion. We are so passionate about what we’re teaching, and what we’re creating, it energizes us and makes all of this fun and easy.

How does this happen? When you are in a state of inspiration about anything, thinking about your child for instance, this activates areas in your brain associated with pleasure, increasing your dopamine and endorphins. This means you have more energy, stamina, and far greater tolerance for pain. You also reverse the chemistry of stress (cortisol) so you have enhanced immune functioning and stay healthy and strong. This “passion effect” also changes your brain function so you have enhanced access to brilliant ideas, solutions to your greatest challenges and the ability to function at peak performance and use skills you didn’t even know you had!

When you actively engage in something you’re passionate about, say, spending time with your child, this effect is enhanced. Therefore, putting as many things into your day as possible that you’re passionate about means you propel this life-enhancing state and continue generating peak performance, brilliant ideas and enhanced prosperity in your life with ease.

Here are ways we teach our Mastermind level clients to use this information and activate their bodies and minds:

  1.  See it:  Place images or inspiring phrases on your bathroom mirror, your computer or your car –areas where you are sure to see them several times throughout the day. When you see reminders of what you care about most, this initiates the “Thriving” physiology and neurology discussed above.
  2. Do it: Schedule at least one thing every day that you are excited about or that directly relates to creating the life you most want. When you engage in these, or even just look forward to doing them, you ignite the “Thriving” state.
  3. Grow it: Acknowledge and appreciate yourself for doing this. Most people focus on the lack in their life, which actually makes them feel worse. Give thanks and celebrate the things you do have in your life now that reflect a Thriving, fulfilling life, even if there are still many challenges you would like to change. It may just be that you have 10 minutes to relax in a bath. That is infinitely more than the luxury many people on the planet experience, so celebrate that! This invites more into your life so you have more to give others.

I look forward to hearing your questions and experiences with this, and would love to resource you further.

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