Digestive and Bowel Problems: Correct These as the Foundation for Health

Unknown to most people worldwide is that more than half of the time, their ill health is caused by digestive and bowel problems. This means half of the health issues people have can effectively and efficiently be eradicated by correcting digestive problems as a foundation to health.

The most common mistake people make, and you may be one of them, is they use prescription medications and over the counter treatments that are not suitable for treating their digestive and bowel problems. Second, they use medications that only treat the symptoms and not the problem’s source. This is where chiropractic comes in.

How Chiropractic Corrects Chronic Heartburn

World renowned health specialists have discovered the foundation of health is digestive health. As a result, they focus more on correcting digestive problems to achieve good health. They are informed by research showing that in most instances, poor health is caused by digestive and bowel problems such as celiac disease, gallstones, hemorrhoids and ulcerative colitis. Similar diseases include stomach ulcers, biliary colic, liver toxicity and gastroesophageal reflux disease, which causes chronic heartburn.

One of the most serious digestive problems facing millions of people globally is chronic heartburn from gastroesophageal reflux disease.

GERD affects more than 20 percent of the U.S. adult population. Fourteen percent experience it once a week and more than eight percent of Americans suffer from chronic heartburn daily. These grave statistics indicate there is need for concern.

The Unique and Correct Way Chiropractic Treats Chronic Heartburn

Typical medications prescribed to treat GERD and chronic heartburn are not only the wrong remedy for treating the conditions, but they fail also to target the real cause of refluxing stomach acid.

Contrary to these medications, chiropractic treatment focuses on the correct target. Instead of reducing stomach acid to correct the heartburn, chiropractic closes the open sphincter. It is not advisable to reduce stomach acid because it is important for mineral absorption and for eliminating bad bacteria entering the stomach.

What most people, including doctors, do not understand is low stomach acid is what causes the sphincter to remain open. This permits the stomach acid to reflux upwards, which burns the esophagus.

In clinics that specialize in chiropractic, a skilled chiropractor improves the function of all organs engaged with digestion, including the stomach. This helps stimulate the sphincter to close. This is what eliminates chronic heartburn completely.

Primarily, when your stomach is drawn up in the open sphincter, a chiropractor in Anchorage uses their skill to correctly realign it and uses neurological therapy to strengthen the sphincter. When all digestive and bowel problems are corrected, the body begins to effectively absorb food and eventually heal.

Remember, it is no use to take nutritional supplements to resolve your digestive problems. When your digestive system is not functioning well, the supplements are not digested and absorbed and, as a result, you do not obtain the expected results.

There is no arguing that foundation of health is digestive health. Such knowledge is important in treating half the cases of ill health globally.

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