Detox is the “Magic Pill” to Looking & Feeling Younger

Our bodies are designed to take in energy and release toxins. Optimizing the natural detoxification process is the key to beauty, youth, health, weight loss and vitality.

So many people are looking for the “magic pill.” Once you learn how to assist your body and mind in releasing the toxic stress you’ll see the magic happen and everything improves! Your skin will have a radiant glow, excess weight will drop off and your mind will become clear and inspired. You’ll sleep through the night and wake up feeling positive and refreshed. If you have a health condition your symptoms will start to disappear.

Common symptoms of excess toxins include bloating, constipation, chronic sinus problems, depression, excess weight, fatigue, gas, headaches, inability to concentrate, infections,  insomnia,  menstrual problems, poor memory, prostate enlargement,  skin eruptions, yeast infections,  and a host of other health challenges.

10 Steps to Release the Toxic Stress

1. Reduce and eliminate lifestyle toxins such as alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, coffee, sugar, processed food, gluten, dairy, gum, fluoride toothpaste, and non-natural skin and cleaning products.

2. Eat a whole food diet consisting of organic fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, quinoa, brown rice, eggs, wild fish and natural meat.

3. Drink plenty of purified water, avoiding plastic containers.

4. Support your organs, and cleanse excess candida and parasites with herbs.

5. Clean your colon with colonic therapy.

6. Balance your bacteria with probiotics.

7. Exercise your body to drain your lymph and pump up your circulation.

8. Release everyday stress by walking in nature, taking a retreat, doing yoga and meditating.

9. Resolve repressed trauma, feel and release emotions.

10. Develop a self-awareness practice through journaling to question stressful thoughts and behaviors. Chronic stress is the number one way to deplete hormone levels and accelerate aging!

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