6 Tips for Conflict Resolution With Family

conflict resolution

One of the best things about the holidays is that you get a chance to be around your family. Unfortunately for some, it can also be the downfall of this time of year – but it doesn’t have to be.

Being surrounded by those you love is also a great time to put things into perspective and to let go. Letting go is not a concept easily adopted by most. We have the tendency to want to hold on rather than to move on because familiarity is comfortable. But, for those ready to let go, here are some tips for family conflict resolution so you can get through the holidays as one family unit, in harmony:

1. Don’t re-hash any existing disagreements in your head

Replaying a conflict in your head will do one thing – take you back to the conflict. It will also bring up negative feelings and more anger.

2. Accept what is

The second tip is to accept what has happened and to let it go. Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to be okay with what is, it means you are accepting the situation as it is and moving on for yourself.

3. Agree to disagree

Agreeing to disagree means you are accepting both sides of any given conflict and moving on. You cannot change anything by pushing your point continuously, the only thing that will occur is more conflict. Agreeing to disagree is the best way to keep the peace while still acknowledging the truth.

4. Look at the given issue from another person’s perspective

Sibling rivalry or conflict involving in-laws doesn’t just stress you out, It puts the rest of the family in an awkward position. And we all know, there’s nothing worse than having an elephant in a room (you being the elephant) especially when the issue has nothing to do with anyone else. It’s best to think about the rest of the family in this situation and avoid any potential conflict from the start.

5. Take a moment to yourself

Sometimes, a moment alone is all that is needed to calm the nerves and start over. When in doubt, walk away and take a few moments to yourself.

6. If it’s not your issue, stay out of it

Often times, family members want to stick up for each other. But, when we add more people to the conflict we makes it a much bigger conflict than it should be. If an issue is between two people, it should stay that way. Entering into a battle at your own will, or pulling in allies to prove your point, will do nothing but cause world war lll in your family — and that doesn’t make for a happy holiday season.

With so many varying personalities and quirks – even within a family setting, it’s easy to get wrapped up into conflict and to stay there in our stubbornness. But, if we set our ego’s aside for just a moment we can move forward and enjoy celebrating the holiday’s with our family, peacefully. Click here for more tips on family conflict management during the holiday season.

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