What, and Who, is Blocking Your Health?

To be truly healthy is to have a balanced mind, body and spirit. You may be free of disease and still be unhealthy with yourself and others. Luckily your body will let you know when things get really out of balance. Listen to what your symptoms are telling you and discover what, and who, is blocking your health.

Negative self-talk and image

When you look in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Is it positive or negative? If you tell yourself you are fat and ugly then you will create negative emotions and vibes. Others see you as you see yourself. Your body, and life, responds to the words and vision you hold in your mind. Developing a practice of self-love begins with saying loving thoughts.

Toxic gut

If you are experiencing bloating, gas and poor digestion then you have some cleansing to do. Flush out impacted waste with a colonic or an oxygen-based intestinal cleanser. Re-balance your flora with probiotics. Improve your digestion with mindful eating, more chewing and digestive enzymes. And how are you digesting life? Exterminate your parasites, fear and worry. Release the past and your need to control life and others.

Not listening to your intuition

Only you know what makes you happy and your feelings are your guidance system. If you are numbing your feelings with coffee, sugar, alcohol and drugs you may not be able to feel what you need. Also, the information you consume from television, computers, movies, books and magazines often ends up carrying too much “weight” in your head. By cleaning up your internal environment, and simplifying your external, you will be more tuned into your
intuition. Spend time alone in silence meditating, journaling and walking in nature. Clear your mind and emotions to stay present with the flow of life. As you reflect, move towards what brings you joy and away from what causes you suffering.

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